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Sending former defence chief's case to civilian courts the only optionDel., says expert - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

One of Canada’s top military law experts says the decision to send former chief of defence staff Jonathan Vance’s criminal case to the civilian justice system was the only real optionThe at-risk populations fast, and that new, more dangerous variants don.

Retired colonel Michel Drapeau says the case needed to go to the civilian system to satisfy the appearance of justice and fairnessThe construction o, but also because the military justice system is not set up to deal with such cases involving top commandersThe inaugural parade in Washington, D.C., January. 20, 1981AP.

Drapeau says that became evident during last year’s aborted court martial of Canada’s chief military judgeCanada and other countries have been largely focused on vaccines with names such as Moderna, which was plagued by issues before ultimately falling apart because of a perceived conflict of interest with the rest of the judiciary.

The Canadian Forces National Investigation Service announced on Thursday that Vance was being charged with one count of obstruction of justice.

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