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The opening column said, "the tiles in my house are not antiskid. I have slipped several times, and once I almost died." "I forgot to install a bend pipe in the bathroom of my home. A stool upstairs and downstairs stinks." "We have less reserved sockets. In order to make all electrical appliances operate normally, the temporary patch panel pulled on the ground is like a spider's web." The decoration is well prepared in advance and especially careful in the process. However, there is still something unsatisfactory after the event. Do you feel the same? Someone

the opening column said, "the tiles in my house are not antiskid. I have slipped several times, and once I almost died."

"I forgot to install a bend pipe in the bathroom of my home, and a stool upstairs and downstairs stinks."

"we have less reserved sockets. In order to make all electrical appliances operate normally, the temporary patch panel pulled on the ground is like a spider's web."


when doing decoration, you should prepare well in advance and be particularly careful in the process. However, there is still something unsatisfactory after the event. Do you feel the same

some people say that decoration is a regrettable art. No matter how meticulous the owner is, or how powerful the designer is, there will always be some details that are not perfect in the end

however, with the continuous progress of family life, how can home space drag down? The life of making do with is always not so smooth, and the attitude of muddling along cannot achieve the quality of life you want

then, only take action to make up for your decoration regret. As we all know, it has been renovated, and it is difficult for you to push it down and start over; You don't want to make too much trouble because you've already lived in it. How to have the best of both worlds

from now on, the home edition grandly launched the column "ZHUGE after decoration", allowing experts and experts from all walks of life to prescribe easy to take and effective "regret medicine" for those who leave regrets

-- we look forward to your participation

if you have regrets about the decoration, please call 86613333-1 (9:30 ~ 17:00 every day) to tell us. Maybe our experts can prescribe "regret medicine" for you

the anti-skid floor tiles you bought are used before you know whether they are anti-skid; The beautiful antique bricks are actually "experts" in oil pollution; The light colored floor tiles that don't show dust are originally more resistant to dirt... Ceramic tiles are a decoration part that is difficult to dismantle and change after being pasted. The area of the kitchen and bathroom alone is large enough, and a little carelessness will leave a regret of inconvenience in the future. "It's impossible to pry and repave." Is there any way to save the lost sheep

"these problems can be easily solved without prying it off." In the first column of "ZHUGE after decoration", please invite master Wei, who has 25 years of decoration experience, to prescribe a regret prescription for these people who regret bricks

regret 1

"non slip bathroom wall and floor tiles"

everyone knows that anti slip is the first thing to consider when installing floor tiles. Zeng Xiaomei also considered this problem when decorating, but in order to pursue the effect, she followed the advice of the business and bought the so-called wall and floor tiles in European style. "I repeatedly asked the merchants whether the brick wall and the floor are the same brick, and whether the floor is not anti-skid. The merchants absolutely said that anti-skid is definitely not a problem." Zeng Xiaomei felt very innocent. At that time, she tried again and again in the model room of this brick. "I didn't know that the bathroom head became a little non slip as soon as it got wet." Because of the non slip bathroom wall and floor tiles, Zeng Xiaomei slipped several times. The most serious one was that she fell down in the bathroom and cut her wrist

[regret prescription]

Zeng Xiaomei's wall and floor tiles must have been cheated. The same bricks used on the ground and the wall will cause non slip. Qualified wall and floor tiles, although they look exactly the same as floor tiles, in fact, floor tiles are treated with special anti-skid treatment, and the price should be more expensive than wall tiles. In view of the non slip problem of bathroom floor tiles, master Wei gave three solutions

spread the bathroom anti-skid mat, local anti-skid

the simplest way is to buy a special anti-skid mat for the bathroom in the supermarket, which can be spread in the area with frequent activities in the bathroom. For example, the bathroom is a standing shower, which can be paved in the standing area below the shower; For bathtub bathing, it can be paved in the pedal area outside the bathtub; If there is a bathroom in the shower room, you can also put non slip mats inside and outside the bathroom. The price of this special anti slip pad is between 20 and 80 yuan

add bathroom stools and handrails to improve the safety factor

in addition to enhancing the anti-skid function of local floors, it is also necessary to add bathroom stools in the bathroom and install some handrails on the wall, so as to increase the safety factor of the bathroom and avoid slipping as much as possible. Such supporting products can be purchased in IKEA and B & Q, and the price of each product is also within 100 yuan

laying outdoor floors on bricks and completely solving the problem of anti-skid

using auxiliary tools is a good way to locally improve the anti-skid of bathroom floor tiles. Is there a way to completely solve the problem that bathroom floor tiles are not anti-skid? Master Wei proposed a solution to pave outdoor floors on floor tiles. He said that the outdoor floor is a kind of floor that can be spliced by itself, which is non slip, waterproof and durable. The fitters can choose 20cm according to the size of the bathroom × 4cm、20cm × 6m or 30cm × 6cm size, this kind of floor has plastic clips on the back, which can be installed by yourself. Of course, the outdoor floor materials are different, and the price ranges from 200 to 600 yuan/square meter

regret 2

"antique kitchen wall tiles with oil smoke"

sister Wang, a decoration friend, liked the pastoral style so much that she chose the most effective antique bricks as kitchen wall tiles without hesitation when decorating at the beginning. It's really beautiful to lay on the wall obliquely. The praise of relatives and friends made sister Wang's family feel that the decoration was quite successful. The good times didn't last long. Three months after living in the new house, the Wang family found that the colorful antique bricks turned out to be a beautiful lie, "they're not good-looking and useless. The wall tiles are all greasy and stained, and they can't be cleaned after finishing. The wall tiles are greasy."

[regret prescription]

"because of the heavy oil smoke of Sichuan cuisine, kitchens paved with antique bricks will basically encounter such trouble." According to master Wei's analysis, the surface of antique bricks is originally uneven with matte treatment. In addition, the surface of bricks is much larger than the pores of smooth bricks, so it is easy to hide dirt, especially the invasion of lampblack. Therefore, solving the problem of antique brick surface can solve the problem of dirt

install an oil baffle at the position of the stove

the place with the most severe oil stains and stains must be the wall between the stove and the range hood. You might as well apply the remedy to the case. Install an oil baffle in this area to isolate the antique brick wall from the oil smoke. Many places where stoves are sold have special oil baffles made of stainless steel, wire drawing and other materials, which can be bought within 200 yuan. Of course, in order to make the wall look good, you can also go to the glass market to buy not less than 80cm × 60cm tempered glass is used as oil baffle

there is another way to wax the antique bricks in the kitchen

which does not damage the overall style and can be easily achieved. That is to buy some floor wax and car wax in the supermarket, wipe all the antique bricks in the kitchen with oil stain cleaner, and then apply a layer of wax like material to seal all the pores on the surface of the antique bricks, so that the wall bricks can be completely isolated from oil stains and stains. However, it is necessary to replenish the wax after each cleaning in the future

unfortunately 3

"the light colored floor tiles paved all over are too dirt resistant"

many people care about the visual effect when decorating, and Lin Feng also considers it this way when decorating. In order to pursue the simple effect of modern style, Lin Feng has paved all the floors of 90 square meters of rooms with porcelain white dark colored glazed tiles. After cleaning, it looks really good, but in less than a day, the whole house feels dirty. Lin Feng said, especially the long hair of his wife and daughter, which is everywhere, "it's really annoying to see it."

[regret prescription]

in order to pursue temporary visual effects, it is obviously not worth paying for a clean quality of life. Inexperienced decorators don't know. There is a trick to decorate the ground: "light colored floor, dark tiles". In other words, the paved floor should be light colored and the installed tiles should be dark colored, which can not only have a good decorative effect, but also keep the ground clean for a long time. Lin Feng, there is only one way to completely solve this situation, that is, to change the ground

re lay the laminate floor

it is impossible to pry all the floor tiles and re lay them in the home that has been occupied. The most direct and effective way is to use the floor. You can choose a light colored, modern style laminate floor on the market and pave it directly on ceramic tiles. Generally, the pavement can be completed in one day. Paving the floor on the brick surface is the most flat, and the paving effect is better. Of course, in the part of handover with the bathroom and kitchen, it is necessary to remind the floor installer to carry out special treatment, otherwise there will be uneven problems




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