There is a door inside and a clever trick outside.

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The so-called "inside there is a way, outside there is a clever trick", refers to whether it is an expert or an layman, there are ways to achieve the same purpose, and the same is true of identifying the advantages and disadvantages of wooden doors. Don't think it's difficult for you to be a layman. Dahua woodwork teaches you a few tricks for a layman

many people think that as a layman, it takes at least three to five weeks to supplement a lot of professional knowledge to identify the advantages and disadvantages of wooden doors with professional vision. In fact, as a layman, there are also tricks for laymen to identify the advantages and disadvantages of wooden doors. You know, an expert has a way, and my layman has a clever trick

As we all know, the higher the density, the heavier the component. A good wooden door should not be too light. Compared with several wooden doors of the same specification and the same surface material species, a wooden door with too light weight is hardly a high-quality wooden door. The reason why the weight is too light is that the material of the selected core material is relatively soft (such as poplar), and the pipes and pores in the wood are relatively large. Or there is too little core material inside, which makes the wooden door not strong enough. The strength and impact resistance of this kind of wooden door are relatively poor, and the sound insulation effect is not good

look at the appearance

the paint surface of high-quality wooden doors is full and smooth, rich and natural, the transparency of the paint film is good, the texture of the surface species is clear and lifelike, and the physical properties of the appearance are at a glance. The paint film of inferior wood doors is dry and obscure, with many exposed paint, blisters, pinholes, ripples, particles, etc., poor transparency of the paint film, blurred surface texture, and obscure wood appearance properties. On the one hand, the reason why inferior wooden doors are so good is that the paint selected by the manufacturer is of poor quality, and the process and equipment are not up to standard; On the other hand, there are many defects in the wood veneer, so the transparency of the coating is deliberately reduced to cover up the defects such as knots, holes, decay, discoloration, cracks, indentations and so on

look at the splicing

the veneer or solid wood splicing of high-quality wood doors is processed more carefully, and there is no sign of bonding. For low-quality wooden doors, the splicing of wood veneer or solid wood is obvious, and there are even cracks and dislocation

look at the flatness

the high-quality wooden door has strict requirements on material selection, process control and factory inspection. The surface of the finished wooden door is flat and straight, and the shape is perfect after installation. Poor quality wooden doors have low requirements for materials, processes and inspection. The warpage of finished wooden doors is large. After installation, it is obvious that the wooden doors and door frames cannot be aligned neatly




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