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A brief introduction to the one week market of China Plastics spot LLDPE (November 5-november 9)

this week, the price of China Plastics City continued to rise sharply, the market atmosphere was active, the trading volume was good, and the China Plastics price index held a sharp rise. As of Friday, China's plastic price index was 1308.10 points, up 13.05 points compared with the same period last week; The China Plastics spot index rose moderately this week. On Friday, the index was 1259.52 points, up 15.89 points compared with the same period last week

I. review of upstream information:

this week, there will be different product shapes. The international futures price showed a moderate rise. By the end of this Friday, the WTI quotation closed at $95.46/barrel, up $1.97/barrel compared with the same period last week; Brent's quotation closed at US $92.79/barrel, up US $3.07/barrel compared with the same period last week. Monomer: the Asian ethylene monomer CF drives the lead screw to rotate through the synchronous gear belt. The quotation of R in Northeast Asia is USD/T, and that of CFR in Southeast Asia is USD/T. The quotation of Far East ethylene this week showed a stable trend, with FOB Korea being USD 1080/T and FOB Japan being USD 1080/T. the quotation remained unchanged

II. Market Review:

the gap between the oil needle and the valve body is reduced.

LLDPE market in North China market is mixed this week. From Monday to Wednesday, the overall market quotation showed an upward trend, with an increase of yuan/ton, and the transaction was good. From Thursday to Friday, the downstream factories in North China LLDPE market did not receive goods actively, the traders' mentality was unstable, and the price fell by 200 yuan/ton. In East China, they will reduce the quality of hydraulic oil. On Monday, the price of LLDPE in the hydraulic oil market was 13100 yuan/ton, and the import price was yuan/ton. The rise continued until Wednesday. The domestic 7042 rose to the highest level of 13600 yuan/ton this week. The import price is expected to rise little, and the highest quotation is 13700 yuan/ton. The domestic LLDPE in South China market closed at the highest price of 13400 yuan/ton on Friday, and the price difference with imported materials was reduced to 100 yuan, and the price of 218w was 13500 yuan/ton. On Monday, the price of LLDPE domestically/imported was 13100 yuan/13450 yuan respectively

this week, the LLDPE raw material market in China plastic city continued to keep the trend of tight goods and high prices, and the prices continued to rise sharply. Due to the rapid rise and gentle demand response, some traders have concerns and the overall transaction is limited. With the rising market price, the resistance of downstream factories is becoming more and more serious, and it is difficult to improve the terminal demand. Not only are high-level transactions rare, but also the general transactions have been affected to some extent. Fortunately, the support from various parties is still strong, and the overall situation of tight resources is still difficult to improve in the short term. It is expected that the PP market in the short term will be dominated by stability and consolidation at a high level

III. trend forecast for next week:

from a comprehensive perspective, the domestic LLDPE market still performed very well this week, with good market turnover and active market inquiry atmosphere. The supply of goods in the market is tight, traders have strong bullish intentions, downstream manufacturers are active in purchasing, and Petrochemical's increase in ex factory price drives the market. The above positive factors determine that the market situation is getting better. In addition, the high crude oil level is rising, and it is expected that the LLDPE market will continue to rise next week

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