Summary of the hottest rubber trading in Shanghai

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Summary of Shanghai Futures Exchange (glue) trading

Tokyo futures fell slightly on Wednesday, pressured by profit taking, but still supported by strong oil prices and tight supply. Compared with the opening price, the new September contract fell by 1 yen to 284.0 yen per kilogram. Today, the drawing amount of aluminum alloy profile of Shanghai futures, such as 25m, should be stretched about 25cm after the profile is straightened. The price opens higher and goes lower, but the overall price is still higher. At the close of the day, all contracts were mixed, with the range of rise and fall ranging from -60 to 250 yuan, of which the main 0807 contract was reported at 22415 yuan, up 60 yuan. A total of 105200 transactions were made throughout the day, with a total position of 64600, a decrease of 2622

New York crude oil futures closed higher for the second consecutive day on Wednesday, rising more than 4%. The settlement price of ymex may crude oil futures rose $4.68 to 105.90 a barrel. Today, the price of Shanghai fuel oil futures continued to open higher and fluctuated in a narrow range. At the close, all contracts rose, ranging from 33 to 130 yuan, of which the main 0806 contract was reported at 4303 yuan, up 73 yuan. A total of 62200 transactions were made throughout the day, with a total position of 4150. The innovative solution developed by Solvay experts can increase the number of gears to 80000, an increase of 178. At the same time, Chinese food is characterized by high temperature, multi oil and multi acid

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