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CNOOC Changzhou Institute independently tackled the key technology of coating

CNOOC Changzhou Institute independently tackled the key technology of coating

March 16, 2012

[China coating information] domestic independently developed coating products for nuclear power plants have successfully entered the domestic and international markets. In March, Solvay was the main raw material supplier of this highly watched project. On the 12th, it was learned from CNOOC Changzhou coating and Chemical Research Institute (hereinafter referred to as Changzhou Institute) that Changzhou Institute has successively developed solvent based and water-based coatings for AP1000, CPR1000, Pakistan Chashma and other reactor type nuclear power plants. In addition to being used in domestic nuclear power plants, the products are also exported overseas, ensuring the smooth construction of China's foreign aid nuclear power plants

at present, the main pigments, fillers and additives of nuclear power professional coatings of domestic coating manufacturers rely on imports. Changzhou Institute closely followed the pace of technological development of foreign nuclear power plants and concentrated its technical forces. Through the implementation of the 863 national "Eleventh Five Year Plan" Research on water-based high-performance anti radiation coating materials "and the head office's technical development project" Application Research on coatings for 1million kW nuclear power plants ", Changzhou Institute mastered the corrosion prevention of steel structures and the radiation resistance of polymers. This standard specifies in detail that the thermal cover of thermoplastic materials and their composites is illuminated at the end of heat sealing We have developed a series of coating products for nuclear power plants with independent intellectual property rights

the National Nuclear Power Conference held recently is getting better and better! At the project and product appraisal meeting of the technical committee, several nuclear power experts, including Ye Qizhen, an academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, who promoted the transformation and upgrading of the industry, after listening to the report of Changzhou academy, agreed that the performance of Changzhou Academy's nuclear power coating met the requirements of nuclear power plant design indicators, filled the domestic gap, and reached the advanced level of similar foreign products, Changzhou Design & Research Institute has become the only domestic enterprise with independent intellectual property rights in this technology field in China

in recent years, Changzhou Institute has implemented the technology driven strategy and made breakthroughs in scientific research. In 2011, the company was granted 13 national invention patents and newly submitted 12 national invention patents. By the end of 2011, Changzhou Academy had 72 patents

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