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China will use laser for the first time to test streetlights

it is reported that the streetlight test plan to be carried out in China next month will use laser as the light source, which may be the first time in the world. The goal of this innovative action is to save energy consumption and reduce the expensive cost of wiring infrastructure

it is reported that davidho and jinjingco A new lighting technology has been developed in Fuzhou, Fujian Province, China, and will be tested in the neighboring Fuqing City this month

this technology uses a blue laser beam for long-distance power transmission without using power lines. When the laser beam strikes the equipment using quantum induced materials, the laser energy can be converted into light for illumination

some car manufacturers, such as Mercedes Benz and BMW, have used similar technology in headlights. However, the purpose of this test in China is to develop street lamps and highway lighting applications, or to apply them in places where power plants cannot supply power

some researchers, such as stevendenbaars of ucsantabarbara, have studied this aspect for several years. Theoretically, compared with LED lighting, laser lighting can achieve very high efficiency. The principle is that laser Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. has recorded the mechanical inspection of all materials. The blue light of LED will penetrate the fluorescent powder material in the headlamp unit and convert it into a diffused white light

davidho, doctor of nuclear science, mentioned that laser lighting will be an important solution for energy conservation and emission reduction in the future. This dream will come true soon

laboratory tests in China show that this technology can save 2/3 of energy consumption compared with LED lighting technology, and solar panels can be used to power the (street lamp) system. The use of laser beams to transmit power will reduce the need for power lines and related support infrastructure

the technology of laboratory testing will soon be optimized and commercialized. Mass production is expected in about six months

davidho said that the early investors of this technology were venture capital companies in Fujian and Jiangsu provinces

after the test of Fuqing, this street lamp system will be installed in Luoyuan County, Fuzhou

the design of this system has obtained Chinese patents. At present, more patents are being applied for in China and other countries in the past two years

davidho said that the obstacles that must be overcome before the system is launched include reducing the cost of laser diodes. In terms of regulations and standards, they tend to follow the current regulations on LED lighting, and in terms of public safety and environmental hazards, they follow the current American ansiz136.1 laser safety specifications

Davidho said that if the laser lighting system is effectively commercialized, it will replace LED lighting in decades

he hopes that this technology can be more widely used in families, basements, parking lots and places requiring 24-hour lighting

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