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Zhongkesaisi: focus on servo energy saving and lead the market trend

with the continuous innovation of science and technology and the continuous development of the industry, it has not only promoted the progress of society, but also promoted the advancement of all kinds of mechanical equipment. At present, when enterprises choose equipment, the high-efficiency performance can no longer attract all eyes, and more attention is paid to high efficiency, low energy consumption and low failure rate

recently, Huicong plastic conducted an on-site visit to Hangzhou cosseth energy saving equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as cosseth), and interviewed Mr. liuguilin, general manager of cosseth, and Mr. Deng Zhijian, technical director, to have a brief understanding of the latest developments in the current technology research and development of cosseth and the future development prospects of the injection molding machine market

focus on supporting transformation, commit to servo research and development, and aim to reduce energy consumption

Zhejiang zhongkederun Technology Co., Ltd., the parent company of cosseth, is a high-tech enterprise that cooperates closely with Shenzhen advanced branch of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. It governs a number of subsidiaries, forming the parent company's leading research and development of servo control and drive technology. The subsidiaries focus on the application of electric vehicle technology Servo motor manufacturing if such materials with serious fire hazards are allowed to be used legally, servo energy-saving polyamide composites have the characteristics of high elasticity, self lubrication, wear resistance, impact resistance, corrosion resistance and so on. The group servo industrial chain of power system transformation and oilfield servo system application has obtained more than 60 national patents, and the technology is very mature

when talking about the development of cosseth this year, general manager Liu said: there is no big change in the operation of cosseth this year, but it still focuses on transformation. Some adjustments have been made in the market: on the basis of maintaining the existing market, some supporting markets have been made, and six partners have been added nationwide at present. At the same time, we have developed a small motor, oil pump and driver suitable for vertical injection molding machine this year, which only needs to increase the cost of 5000 yuan, while the cost of supporting servo equipment in the existing market needs to increase at least 10000 yuan

when talking about the technical problems encountered in the R & D process of cosseth, Mr. Deng Zhijian said: we have broken through the bottleneck of electrohydraulic servo, that is, high pressure and high speed. This technology is a major breakthrough

at present, cosseth has successfully developed three series and dozens of models of servo products, with an energy-saving rate of 40%-90%, which meets the needs of users from 0.1kw to 150KW. It is widely used in injection molding machines, oil pumping machines, sewing machines, presses, printing machines and other industries, and its energy-saving pace is getting farther and farther

local equipment has strong pollution resistance to replace foreign brands.

in 1966, German Battenfeld introduced an injection molding machine fed by an electric motor, which opened the precedent for the application of electrical structure to important units of injection molding machines. In 1994, FANUC company of Japan used its original technical advantages of electric servo control and cooperated with micron technology of the United States to launch a commercialized all electric injection molding machine, which has since entered the stage of a hundred schools of thought contend

the servo system of injection molding machine has also experienced the same process. Since 2005, foreign brands such as Daikin of Japan, Youyan, Rexroth of Germany, Voith, eikler, Bucher, Kobe and lust have entered China, creating a situation of servo hundred schools of thought contending

but now its market share is less and less. Although foreign brands are good, foreign things will not be able to adapt to the surrounding environment in China, which effectively ensures the accuracy of the experimental results in China; In countries with relatively serious environmental pollution of injection molding machine hydraulic system, the failure rate of foreign brands is very high, while domestic products will not. Domestic servo accessories have higher pollution resistance and reliability than those in Japan and Europe and the United States

although there are more and more enterprises engaged in the servo transformation of injection molding machines, there are only a few large-scale and professional servo enterprises. Most of them adopt the form of integration and imitation without R & D investment. Now cosseth has gone beyond this stage and has independently developed motors, oil pumps and drivers. As a representative of local enterprises, cosseth has produced a variety of equipment with excellent performance to meet the needs of the domestic market to the greatest extent

start to develop new products to meet customer needs and seize emerging markets

all electric is the trend in the future. On the one hand, all electric is more power-saving than servo machines, on the other hand, it is also quite environmentally friendly equipment. At present, cosseth is supporting electric vehicles, and has cooperated with two manufacturers. The electric vehicle motor is changed into a servo motor, which can make the electric vehicle start and brake more smoothly, with strong cycling ability after charging, enhanced climbing ability, and little difference in cost. When talking about the future development direction of the injection molding machine market, President Liu said: now the injection molding machine market is highly competitive, and the problem in China's industry is the poor return of funds. In the event of a major financial crisis, a number of enterprises in the injection molding machine industry will close down. Zhongkesaisi was the first to do energy-saving of plastic machines. It is positioned in the aspect of servo energy-saving. We define the energy-saving transformation of injection molding machines as servo transformation, and do OEM support at the same time. This is the plan for the next three to five years. The transformation of injection molding machines will rise to the highest point in the next two to three years, and then go down is an inevitable trend. It is expected that next year will be the fastest-growing year. At that time, we will seize the market of vertical injection molding machines. At present, we have begun to invest manpower in research and development

at present, the supply of low-end products in the injection molding machine industry exceeds the demand, and the supply of high-end products exceeds the demand. In the face of such extreme market demand, cosseth has created one sales peak after another with professional R & D team, mature market network and perfect management system. The pace of progress is faster and faster. For the future development direction of the company, President Liu summarized that only continuous R & D of new products can serve the enterprise Create more value for the society

[HC viewpoint:] with the upgrading of injection molding machine technology, at present, the energy-saving and low pollution characteristics of all electric injection molding machines are more suitable for products requiring high cleanliness, such as medical and food equipment, as well as areas in China where the natural rubber and synthetic rubber markets account for the largest proportion of electricity costs, while oil hydraulic injection molding machines and oil electric composite injection molding machines with excellent performance still have their market space. It is expected that cosys will launch more new products to meet various market needs

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