Troubleshooting of ventilation system of the hotte

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Troubleshooting of tractor ventilation system

lax valve closure

when the test piece is close to damage, 4 The oil collector of the oil pump is not pressed on the pump body, such as: the engine is difficult to start, the power drops, black smoke, etc. When the pressure is not reduced, shake the crankshaft by hand, and you can hear the sound of air leakage. The possible reasons are:

1. There are carbon deposits, ablation, spots and even spalling between the valve and the valve seat. If it is light, the valve seat can be reamed, the valve can be polished, and then the two can be ground. In serious cases, replace the valve and valve seat

2. the fitting clearance between valve stem and valve guide is incorrect. Excessive clearance, valve shaking, and poor sealing when closing; If the clearance is too small, the valve is stuck in the guide, so that the valve cannot be closed tightly or cannot be closed. If the clearance is too large, replace the valve guide; If the clearance is too small, the conduit can be reamed with a conduit reamer

3. the valve spring is insufficient or broken, so that the valve cannot be closed tightly or cannot be closed. In case of failure, it can only be replaced

4. the valve clearance should be adjusted if it is too small. After loosening the adjusting nut, screw out the adjusting screw, and then fill the landfill. The cost of sanitary landfill and sanitary combustion is very high, and the nut is locked

the valve makes a knocking sound

the main phenomenon is that a crisp "clatter" sound can be heard at the valve chamber. The sound changes with the engine speed; The capacity reduction policy of cylinder head and cylinder from the center to the local is gradually coming out. The metal knocking sound can be heard at the junction of the platform, but it is not clear. The main reasons may be:

1. The valve clearance is too large, so that the rocker arm hits the top of the valve stem, and the valve clearance needs to be checked and adjusted

2. the valve clearance is too small or the valve drop is not enough, causing the valve to hit the piston crown. It is necessary to adjust the valve clearance or repair the valve seat before adjusting the valve clearance

3. the valve spring is broken, causing the valve to fall but not fall into the cylinder. The valve spring needs to be replaced

4. if the valve seat ring falls off, it needs to be replaced, that is, put the cylinder head into the engine oil and heat it to about 100 ℃, and then knock the valve seat ring into the seat hole. After inlaying, grind the plane, and then grind it with the valve to the specified requirements

valve falls off

the phenomenon is that the engine suddenly stalls and there is a large impact sound

the main reason may be: the valve stem locking plate or circlip falls off due to vibration; The spring is broken; Broken valve stem, etc. The troubleshooting is to stop the machine and replace the parts. (end)

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