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China will straighten the device from gutter oil: the most common type of plastic extrusion waste is the eccentric extraction of bioplastics

Chinese enterprises will introduce technology from the Czech Republic, use the huge domestic gutter oil resources to produce polyhydroxyfatty acid ester (PHA) bioplastics, and process them into environmentally friendly food grade packaging materials that benefit the country and the people

Jiangsu clean environment Technology Co., Ltd. and the Czech Republic's nafigete company recently signed a cooperation agreement in Beijing to commercialize the hydral technology developed by Professor Ivana marova of Brno University of technology

through the team of the paint and additives business department, the chairman of nafigette, Ladislav mares, said that the pilot line was being built and the first large-scale factory was being built at the same time. The technology has previously passed the test of semi pilot scale

Jiangsu clean environment Technology Co., Ltd., located in Suzhou, collects and processes gutter oil

nafigait would not disclose the investment or future sales figures. However, according to Suzhou reports, after the project is officially put into operation, it can produce 15000 tons of PHA 1 a year, with an output value of about 520million yuan

1 ton of gutter oil can be converted into 0.6 ton PHA. Compared with the production of biodiesel with gutter oil, the economic benefit per ton of gutter oil is increased by about 12000 yuan, and the social benefit is greater

"China is very interested in our biotechnology, because we have brought solutions to a major problem in China. There is a large amount of kitchen waste oil in the Chinese market. This is a kind of waste, and hydral technology can achieve great economic value."

after PHA is buried in the soil, it only takes about half a year to completely degrade, while the degradation of ordinary plastics takes hundreds of years

from 2015, the EU market will not allow the production of composite phenolic foam boards developed by most domestic enterprises. After being tested by the national fire protection building materials quality supervision and inspection center, PHA produced with grain as raw materials is now used. Therefore, gutter oil has become the best raw material for production. Mares said, "unlike our competitors, our plan does not need resources in the food chain. We do not need to consume corn or sugar to protect human food."

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