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China will invest a lot of capital to promote the improvement of intelligent transportation construction

intelligent transportation is a good way to solve the increasingly common traffic jam caused by the increase of motor vehicles in cities in the future. At present, China's relevant planning shows that more than 3trillion funds will be invested in transportation construction

recently, the latest "China fiscal policy report 2010/2011" issued by the Institute of Finance and Trade Economics of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences pointed out that by the end of 2008, China's urbanization rate had reached 45.6%, and China's urban population had reached 607million. If the growth rate is 1%, by the end of the 12th Five Year Plan period, China's urbanization rate will exceed 50%. By 2020, the urbanization rate will reach 55%. China's urban population will exceed 800million, accounting for 60% of the total population. Automobiles and commercial vehicles will play an important role in the transportation within and between cities and towns

with the improvement of social cognition of intelligent transportation, as well as the large-scale transformation of travel modes and the increasing urban congestion, the hope of intelligent transportation is also higher and higher. Managers hope to improve the efficiency of law enforcement and management through intelligent transportation control and mitigation of traffic congestion. According to the data prediction, the main methods of dehydration in the 20th century are sieve dehydration and centrifugal filtration dehydration. In, urban rail transit will invest 3.3 trillion yuan, with an annual average of 270 billion yuan. The construction of urban rail transit in China will usher in a golden decade

at present, traffic safety, traffic congestion and environmental pollution are the three major problems perplexing the international traffic field, especially the traffic safety problem. After the adoption of intelligent transportation technology to improve the level of road management, the annual death toll of traffic accidents alone can be reduced by more than 30%, and the use efficiency of vehicles can be improved by more than 50%. To this end, developed countries all over the world are competing to invest a lot of money and manpower to carry out large-scale intelligent transportation technology research and testing. At present, many developed countries have shifted from the research and testing of the system to the full deployment stage. Intelligent transportation system will be the mainstream of transportation development in the 21st century. This system can increase the utilization rate of existing roads by 15% to 30%

at the same time, with the development of transportation construction, intelligent transportation construction has gradually been put on the agenda. At present, intelligent transportation is most widely used: intelligent traffic management system for commanding vehicle transportation through comprehensive means, dredging road traffic and sequence, checkpoint system for traffic safety management and control of vehicle movement direction and behavior, traffic investigation for detecting and collecting road and vehicle conditions and relevant micro data, joint control and scheduling of vehicle dredging, electronic police for investigating and dealing with violations records BRT system solutions to ensure the priority and smoothness of public transport vehicles, public transport monitoring to monitor the specific orientation of public transport vehicles and ensure the safety of public transport vehicles, video monitoring to visit, analyze and judge the congestion conditions of roads and regions with wide use, processing the information of the comprehensive situation of roads and publishing it to relevant personnel to know the situation, and a traffic information publishing platform to facilitate decision-making, etc

at present, intelligent transportation has shown its value in some specific projects or fields, such as the Olympic Games, the WorldExpo and the upcoming Asian Games, such as etc, GPS transport vehicle supervision and road monitoring. At least in terms of management, the powerful function of intelligent transportation has been verified and trusted by managers. In terms of service provision, the traffic guidance systems of Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing and other cities have been quite perfect in some key areas; Dynamic traffic information service excellent electronic universal experimental machine brand computer also began to take shape, now many map terminals can provide real-time traffic dynamic information; GPS can not transfer load, maintain fiber orientation or maintain the integrity of materials without the resin matrix. It has entered the stage of scale popularization, and it is not far away from the time when passenger transport logistics and vehicles in special industries are exhausted

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