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China will continue to expand ethylene production

although China is taking measures to curb the overheating growth in some economic fields, the government still encourages the increase of ethylene production to meet the large domestic demand for petrochemical products

in order to expand ethylene production, China has successively arranged nine domestic financing projects. At present, some of these projects are already under construction, and some will start construction in the next 18 months. Six of them are expansion of existing facilities and three are new projects. This will make the diameter of the ring 49.2mm, which will increase China's current ethylene production capacity of 5.4 million tons by 5.12 million tons

in addition, there are four previously announced ethylene product joint ventures under construction or about to start construction. This will bring the total capacity to 14million tons in 2010

although these projects will make China a major center of petrochemical products at one fell swoop, they are still not enough to meet China's growing demand. China needs to continue to import ethylene products from Asia and other places for many years to come

with the accelerated withdrawal of capital, the rise in the price of raw materials transmitted to end products, and the aggravation of unemployment, 55% to 60% of China's petrochemical products are imported. Ethylene is mainly used to produce a large number of plastics used in consumer electronics manufacturing, packaging, auto parts and other industries

another reason for vigorously increasing ethylene production is that according to China's commitment to join the world trade organization, the import tariff of petrochemical products needs to be reduced from 4% last year to 3.5% this year

China's gross domestic product increased by 9.1% in 2002, but ethylene consumption reached 6.13 million tons, an increase of 12%. However, the import volume of all petrochemical products was lower than the growth rate of GDP, with an annual increase of 8% to 39.14 million tons

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