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China's dependence on imported printing equipment continues to increase

with the rapid development of China's economy, the domestic demand for all kinds of printing materials has increased sharply, and the printing market has entered a vigorous period, with the rapid growth of imports of high-end printing machines. According to the statistical data of Shanghai Customs, from January to November 2004, the total amount of imported printing machines and parts at Shanghai Port exceeded US $200million, of which 9388 printing machines were imported, an increase of nearly 50% over the same period last year, and most of them were high-end printing machines, which reflected China's increasing dependence on imported high-end machinery and equipment

in recent years, the rapid development of China's newspaper industry has driven the continuous growth of overload protection imports of high-end offset printing machines, such as high-speed flat fed multicolor offset printing machines, high-speed rotary color offset printing machines, many electronic tension machines with interchangeable sensors, roll fed offset printing machines, double-sided eight color sheet fed offset printing machines and so on. In the first 11 months of 2004, Shanghai Port imported 222 offset printing machines of various types, an increase of 16% over the same period last year, and the total import value exceeded US $100million, an increase of 38% year-on-year

Germany's printing technology is in the leading position in the world, and its global market share is more than 30%. Data shows that China has become the second largest export market of German printing machinery. In recent years, Japan's printing machinery has also caught up, and its export volume has increased significantly. In the first 11 months of 2004, Shanghai Port alone imported more than US $100 million of printing machines and spare parts from Germany and Japan, accounting for 69% of the total imports. Among them, 50million US dollars were imported from Germany and 90million US dollars were imported from Japan, mainly concentrated in Heidelberg, Manroland, lipida, Komori, Mitsubishi, Fuji and other well-known brands

in 2004, China's domestic retail consumer goods of more than 400 billion yuan and export commodities of nearly 500 billion US dollars needed packaging and packaging and printing support. The demand for various high-end packaging and printing, bill printing, certificate printing, Securities printing, banknote printing, etc. continued to expand, driven by flexographic printing machines, gravure printing production lines, full-automatic bronzing machines The import of various high-end special printing machines rich in the latest scientific and technological achievements, such as digital color printing machines and high-tech advertising production lines, which integrate CTP plate making technology and printing machine technology, has increased significantly

relevant professionals pointed out that the current situation of high-end printing machinery and equipment basically depends on imports. The reason is that with the rapid development of science and technology, high and new technologies such as computer technology, optical fiber communication technology and microelectronics technology are widely used in the printing industry. The technical content of printing technology and printing equipment is getting higher and higher. There is still a large gap between China's printing machinery and equipment and developed countries

at present, China's printing machinery manufacturers are mainly small and medium-sized enterprises, and the equipment level is low, so it is difficult to form a marketing network and rapid response service mechanism. The printing machines produced are mostly of small size, monochrome and low technical content. The stability and reliability of the products are not high, and the specifications and performance of the products cannot stand the test of high standards of users. Modern scientific research talents and senior technical workers are few, R & D investment is not high, and the self-development ability of core technology is weak. It has been in the imitation stage for a long time without a breakthrough in its own product technology. In addition, although China is a large printing machinery manufacturing country, it does not have a world famous brand, which leads to the products staying in the middle and low grades for a long time, and the price cannot go up, affecting the profits and benefits of enterprises

China's printing market is entering a period of vigorous growth. World famous printing machinery manufacturers such as Roland have entered China and opened many offices in order to improve market share. Chinese printing machinery manufacturing enterprises should also seize this rare opportunity to improve their market competitiveness from the three aspects of price, quality and brand, take you to know the devices of the testing machine, expand special and personalized fields, actively develop digital, networking and direct plate making technology, vigorously improve the scientific and technological content, increase the added value of products, improve after-sales service, promote brand strategy, and pay attention to the cultivation and introduction of talents, So that they can get a place in the field of high-end printing machinery manufacturing

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