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Review and outlook of double offset paper market in the first quarter

the price of double offset paper market in the first quarter was stable and increased by a narrow margin. In January, affected by the approaching Spring Festival, downstream operators began to purchase and replenish stock, and the sales speed of paper mills increased. In late days, price increasing letters were issued successively, and the price of double offset paper was planned to be increased by 200/ton. February coincides with the Spring Festival holiday in China, with relatively light trading, insufficient paper mills, and little market price fluctuation. The market trading was gradually active in the latter ten days. Affected by the traditional peak season, the paper mill had bullish expectations for the market in March. In addition, the profit of the paper mill was meager, which pushed up the sentiment. Therefore, the paper mill sent another price increase letter. The implementation of the price increase letter in March was acceptable, and the price was implemented per ton. Most paper mills said that the order receiving was improved. Dealers are cautious, and their purchase intention is not high. According to the monitoring data, the average price of double offset paper in the first quarter of 2019 was 5874/ton, down 9.42% month on month and 18.91% year on year

review of the upstream wood pulp market

comparison of wood pulp prices in the first quarter

in terms of continued loading of upstream wood pulp, the domestic spot market in January and February coincided with the Spring Festival holiday, and the trading of imported wood pulp spot market has resumed since the Lantern Festival. February is the Spring Festival holiday, and the trading of imported wood pulp spot market has resumed since the Lantern Festival, with the maximum experimental force of 292.14n. Affected by the rise of the outer market, the spot quotation of coniferous pulp Rose/ton, and that of broad-leaved pulp Rose/ton. In March, the inventory of major ports in the spot market of imported wood pulp fell slowly. In addition, the implementation of the letter of price rise of downstream base paper was unclear, and the raw materials of paper mills were purchased cautiously. The prices of major pulp varieties fell during the month, including the prices of coniferous pulp and broad-leaved pulp fell/ton, and the prices of chemical and mechanical pulp fell/ton

influencing factors and summary of late trend

cost: the paper market was weak in the second quarter, which was bad for the pulp market volume, and it was expected that the pulp price was weak in the second quarter

supply: market supply A. There are three analog input channels: one load, one electronic extensometer and one expansion channel. The inventory level is not high

demand: the demand of publishing houses in the second quarter was in the off-season, and dealers and printers were cautious in purchasing

expectation: the market has a strong wait-and-see atmosphere

summary: according to the analysis, in April, supported by the demand of publishing houses, the price of double offset paper is still possible to increase, with an increase space of about 100/ton. With the traditional peak season passing in May and June, the market demand will tend to be light. In addition, dealers are more cautious in trading, and prices are expected to have downward risks. To sum up, double glue is also a good environmental protection action paper market in the second quarter, showing a situation of first rising and then falling

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