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Weekly (12..17) market review and outlook of nylon products

on the whole, the upstream and downstream market of nylon this week showed a stable trend. The market quotation of caprolactam and nylon chips basically remained at the price level of last week; The quotation of caprolactam was basically stable at 23500 yuan/ton, and the owner's shipping intention was significantly higher than that of last week; The quotation of the outer market is held at 2850 US dollars/ton. Let's take a specific look at the market trend of nylon upstream and downstream this week:

1.1 caprolactam RMB spot

since this week, the caprolactam RMB spot market has remained stable, the mainstream quotation of the owner has been firm at 23500 yuan/ton, the market negotiation is at yuan/ton, and the actual transaction is around 23200 yuan/ton. The shipment intention of the owner has obvious signs of recovery compared with last week, However, the downstream demand has been relatively weakened, making the overall market transactions scarce. The downstream procurement is cautious, with small and medium-sized single transactions in the majority. There is no large single transaction heard, and the trading is cold

1.2 caprolactam US gold spot market

from the perspective of caprolactam US dollar external spot market, the one week market follows the impact of the internal market trend and remains strong. At the beginning of the week, due to the limited supply of goods in the market, the sellers were reluctant to sell, and there were few active offers, basically holding around 2850 US dollars/ton, the downstream counter-offer price was between US dollars/ton, and a small number of offer intentions were around 2830 US dollars/ton. The sellers were reluctant to sell obviously, and the overall atmosphere of the market was flat. In the next few days, due to the scarcity of actual trading in the market, the seller's reluctance to sell was eased, and the buyer was cautious in accepting the offer. However, near the weekend, due to the rebound in the market transaction atmosphere, the spot supply is relatively small, and the quotation is more than $2870/ton. The market negotiation rises to around $2850/ton, and there is not much market negotiation. In addition, the contract intention of European and Japanese goods is $2830/ton, and the transaction price is around $2800/ton

1.3 dynamic situation of domestic plants

1. The two-line units of Baling Petrochemical are fully operational, and the current quotation is maintained at $23500/ton

2. The ex factory quotation of Shijiazhuang chemical fiber is 23500 yuan/ton, and the start-up is held at more than 60%. Unless there is an absolutely necessary new line and two-line device with a capacity of 165000 tons, the start-up is maintained at 60% within a week, and the daily output remains stable

3. Nanjing Dongfang plant operates smoothly, with an operating rate of about 90%, a daily output of about 500 tons, and a listing price of 23600 yuan/ton in December

4. The ex factory contract price of Yingshan remains at 23500 yuan/ton, the device operates smoothly, and the commencement remains at more than 60%

5. A new 30000 ton industrial high viscosity polymerization and supporting industrial silk project of Shandong Shifeng has been put into operation successively this month, with an operating rate of about 50%. The manufacturer said that the new project started smoothly, and the total production capacity of the manufacturer can reach 60000 tons after the new polymerization was put into operation

6. Shandong Xiangyu chemical fiber 30000 ton polymerization plant will be put into operation next year

7. A set of 70000 tons of semi gloss nylon new polymerization of Zhejiang maybang chemical fiber is expected to be put into production after the Spring Festival next year

1.4 dynamic situation of foreign factories

Honeywell plans to restart its caprolactam plant in Hopewell, Virginia from the 21st to the 22nd of this month. In early December, the company announced that the phased excess capacity caused by blind introduction was temporarily shut down due to force majeure. Due to force majeure, Honeywell has postponed the transportation of caprolactam to China and Taiwan and reduced the transportation of contract goods to the United States. The shutdown and overhaul will delay the arrival date of December goods in Asia from January to February 2011, and it is expected that tons of goods will be delayed

II. Analysis of nylon chip market

according to the nylon chip market in East China market this week, conventional spinning and high-speed spinning chips are basically held at 25800 yuan/ton and 26000 yuan/ton, with a slight fluctuation of about 200 yuan/ton in a week. Let's take a look at the market trend of nylon chips this week:

2. Hardness 1 conventional spinning chips

this week, according to the market situation of conventional spinning chips, the quotation in East China market is basically between 25000-25300 yuan/ton, the monofilament grade is slightly higher, the average transaction price of Jiangsu and Zhejiang large factories is around 25300 yuan/ton, and the factory also has a small number of low-cost sources of goods, and the low price is expressed to 24800-24900 yuan/ton, which is lower than that of last week. The ex factory prices in Central China and North China are 25000-25200 yuan/ton in cash, as low as 24800 yuan/ton in North China, and slightly as low as 24700 yuan/ton in Central China. Downstream enterprises are looking for bargains to supplement supply, and major mainstream manufacturers strive to stabilize prices

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