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Review and forecast of polyester Market in Shengze Jiaxing and Jiaxing in November

polyester market continued to show a sharp rise in November. Weaving manufacturers and texturing enterprises had sufficient materials for polyester, and then fell after August 8. Polyester Market in this month suffered a sharp rise in price, and then fell rapidly. As a result, the starting rate of weaving in the downstream decreased. Secondly, the lining and fabric entered the off-season state ahead of schedule, and the purchasing power of polyester fell significantly. Now let's review the market in November as follows:

the first week: (November 1 to November 7), due to the rapid expansion of the new scale of weaving and texturing in the downstream this year, the ownership of polyester in the downstream has increased significantly, and the continuous tension in polyester supply cannot be alleviated. The probability of weaving and texturing in the downstream is high. Driven by rigid demand, the price of polyester has risen again, and the upstream raw materials have shown a sharp upward trend, On weekends and weekends, the polyester market rose like a tide, with two prices a day or even multiple quotations a day. Most chemical fiber factories rose by yuan/t, and some factories rose even more sharply. Among them, Wuxi No. 1 Factory rose by 2000 yuan/t on Sunday, and if the price of Youguang 75d/36f reached 18400 yuan/t, the vast majority of chemical fiber factories adopted the measures of closing the market and reluctant to sell or limited supply. Judging from the current downstream situation, the startup rate of downstream weaving manufacturers is good, and most polyester middlemen are optimistic about the future trend. The price of polyester chips has increased significantly. Although the cloth market price is weak to follow up, so far this year, there is almost no pressure on grey cloth, which has laid a better foundation for the future polyester price. In addition, there are signs of urgency in the supply of polyester products from chemical fiber manufacturers. Therefore, Polyester prices will rise again next week

in the second week: (November 8 to November 14), driven by the strong rise of the PTA futures market for four consecutive days, the supply in the polyester market was originally tight, which triggered a thrilling crazy soaring market, with an increase of astonishing yuan/t, and chemical fiber spinning factories were limited or closed for sale. On the morning of the 10th, it was learned that POY, which rose too high yesterday in some fast-growing green manufacturing factories in Xiaoshan, had a correction, which seriously affected the atmosphere of the polyester market as a whole. During the weekend, the price fall in the silk market was heard continuously, with a range of yuan/t. It is reported that a factory in Shaoxing will lower its price by 3000 yuan/t. The trading volume has obviously "fallen to the freezing point", and now it has basically become a period for the downstream to close the market and stop purchasing. From the current market situation analysis: the market of PTA, eg and chips, the previous raw materials of polyester, rose and fell, and the downstream resistance and wait-and-see atmosphere were strong, while the overall inventory of polyester of spinning manufacturers was almost under no pressure, but the chemical fiber spinning factory was out of consideration of delivery. It is expected that the polyester market of micron friction and wear tester (10N) will face a callback trend next week

the third week: (November 15 to November 21), this week, the market was low-key, the transaction was still light, and the price trend of polyester products continued to show a sharp correction. During the weekend, the polyester market appears light, with pitiful trading volume. The production and marketing rate of polyester products is not ideal, estimated at about%, and even lower in some spinning mills. In terms of price, the price focus of polyester fell by yuan/t. From the perspective of upstream and downstream products, the overall price of polyester fiber will also have unparalleled high performance, with a downward trend. The reasons are as follows: (1) although the startup rate of downstream water jet weaving is stable, the inventory of grey fabric in the downstream market is gradually rising, and downstream enterprises are still very cautious in purchasing, lacking purchasing power to support the polyester market is not optimistic; (2) The market price of PTA and chips, the former raw materials, fell due to shock; (3) Although the inventory pressure of polyester factories is not large, it can be seen that "lack of cost and demand support" has formed in the polyester market, and then the spinning chemical fiber factory is still dominated by shipment. Most people believe that the overall polyester market will continue to be weak in the short term

fourth week: (November 22 to November 28), in the past week, the price of polyester varieties in Shengze and Jiaxing has fallen again. According to industry analysis, the reasons for the decline in polyester prices are: first, the price of upstream raw materials fell; Secondly, the downstream weaving enterprises have been cautious about the future market, and the principle of purchasing goods "based on production and quantity" has affected the purchasing power of downstream enterprises on filaments; Of course, the poor sales of polyester product fabrics and linings also suppress the polyester market to a certain extent. The purchase interest of downstream buyers generally seems to be relatively low, and the production and sales rate of several manufacturers in Shengze region this week is about%. The downstream side, lining market performance is flat, gray fabric inventory tends to rise, downstream polyester purchasing is extremely cautious. At present, the inventory of chemical fiber spinning manufacturers has increased, so it can be seen that the next textile chemical fiber factories are still dominated by shipments. Most people believe that polyester prices are expected to continue to fall next week

forecast for next month: it is expected to enter the weak market adjustment period at the beginning of December. Of course, the key in the later period depends on the price change of upstream raw materials, and the possibility of rebound is not ruled out

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