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Retarder enterprises with great market potential are busy expanding production

Huayue automobile braking technology (Jiangmen) Co., Ltd. was established in Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province, with a phase I investment of HK $60million to expand the production scale of Huayue retarders

the sales volume of retarders has increased rapidly this year

Ms. Shi of the company said that at present, the new factory is stepping up the construction of workshops. After completion, it will mainly produce retarders used by luxury buses. At present, there is no plan to produce truck retarders

it is reported that this is not the only retarder enterprise busy expanding production scale. On May 18 this year, the new factory of Voith Drive Technology Co., Ltd. in Shanghai was officially put into use. The initial infrastructure investment of the new plant is 30million yuan, covering an area of 12000 square meters

in July this year, the new industrial park of Shenzhen terjia Technology Co., Ltd. was put into operation. So far, the company's annual production capacity has reached 50000 units. In this regard, Wang Yubin, the head of the company's enterprise management department, revealed that from January to October this year, the company's retarder sales have been flat with that of last year, and this year's sales will reach 16500 units

Wang Xiaobin, PI project manager of tailema automotive braking system (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., said that the market situation this year is very good, and the company's retarder sales should increase by 80% over last year

Tao healthcare, vice president of Ruili group, said that after its listing on NASDAQ in the United States, the company intends to make acquisitions in the United States in the next year and the following year, using the original personnel, sales channels and networks of enterprises in developed countries to improve the core competitiveness of enterprises and expand their scale

enterprises are busy expanding production, which is precisely because they see the rapid growth rate and great development potential of the retarder industry. According to incomplete statistics, the sales volume of automotive retarders in China was 16000 units in 2004, increased to 23000 units in 2005, and reached 30000 units in 2006. This year, China's retarder market will have a substantial growth year-on-year, of which the sales volume of large and medium-sized bus retarders will grow the fastest, reaching 35000. Relevant institutions predict that by 2010, the market scale of domestic automotive retarders will reach 167000

many positive factors promote the expansion of the bus Retarder Market

the sustained and rapid growth of the retarder market benefits from many positive factors. At present, China's retarder market is mainly in the field of passenger cars, and its development is closely related to the growth of China's passenger car industry

according to the statistics of China Association of automobile manufacturers, the average growth rate of China's passenger car production has exceeded 30% since 2000, and it is expected to maintain an increase of more than 8% by 2010. With the growth of the passenger car market, the requirements for vehicle safety and comfort are also gradually improving, and more large and medium-sized passenger cars have begun to install retarders

the growth of China's passenger car export business is also an important driving factor. Zhangbingrong, director of the Technology Department of the urban vehicle Expert Committee of the Ministry of construction, analyzed that at present, the exports of Yutong, Xiamen Jinlong, Xiamen Jinlv and Suzhou Jinlong have gradually accounted for more than 10% of their sales. The rapid growth of China's passenger car exports will actively promote the continuous growth of the demand for passenger car retarders

the introduction of favorable policies is also a major factor. Now, developed countries such as Europe and the United States require the retarder as a standard part, which is forcibly installed on all applicable vehicles. At present, there is no such regulation in China, but with the increasing attention to vehicle safety, the Chinese government has issued a series of policies conducive to the development of the retarder market. The Ministry of construction will include automotive retarders in the field of urban and rural construction to promote the application of technology, and stipulates that oversized, large, medium-sized high-grade or above passenger cars should be equipped with automotive retarders. Jt/t325 "classification and rating of operating passenger cars" revised by the Ministry of transport in 2006 stipulates that super large passenger cars, high-level 1, high-level 2, high-level 3 large passenger cars and high-level 2 medium-sized passenger cars must be equipped with automotive retarders

trucks in 2020, the application of degradable green packaging materials for express delivery will reach 50%. The retarder market potential is huge and needs to be explored.

Wang Yubin of terjia company believes that in the next few years, the size of China's automotive retarder market capacity depends on the market demand for large and medium-sized passenger cars, heavy trucks and other vehicles, as well as the installation rate of retarders on these vehicles

if China's retarder market wants to make a big breakthrough in the future, the truck retarder market is the entry point. According to the introduction of enterprise personage, the market potential of truck retarder in China is huge, but it is difficult to open the market in 3 ~ 5 years, which requires enterprises to explore deeply and the active guidance of relevant regulations and standards

"compared with passenger cars, the road conditions of trucks are relatively poor. They often have to go downhill and turn corners, and they should be installed with retarders. However, at present, few trucks in China are equipped with retarders." According to the analysis of insiders, the main reason why the truck retarder can't open the market is that there are no laws and regulations. At present, there is no mandatory requirement for trucks to install retarders in China

the high price of retarder is also a major reason why it is difficult to promote. Now the state forces trucks to install ABS. Many users are too expensive and return ABS to the manufacturer after checking the car. The unit price of an eddy current retarder is more than 10000 yuan, and the price of the hydraulic retarder is higher. Although the cost can be recovered in the process of use, the former TECHNYL reg; Redx can be processed at an energy-saving mold temperature within 100 ° C. The investment in the molding period is too high, which is difficult for truck users to accept

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