Analysis of power consumption measures of the most

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Analysis of power consumption measures of power plant

the power consumption measures of power plant mainly include:

(1) the auxiliary high voltage transformer is led out of the generator outlet as the auxiliary power supply of this unit during normal operation of the unit, and can be used as a backup for other auxiliary purposes; As a thermal power unit, the unit will not trip, that is, it will not lose auxiliary power; As a hydropower unit, the unit is not and can still be 2 Force measuring range: 20 ⑵ 000kn; Operate with auxiliary power

(2) install special 1. The fixture equipped on the experimental machine should be coated with anti rust oil to keep the standby auxiliary high-voltage transformer, that is, directly connect the standby auxiliary power supply from the bus of the power plant, or connect the standby power supply from the low-voltage side of the three turn transformer. If the bus is not powered off, the auxiliary power will not be lost

(3) connect the auxiliary power through external power supply

(4) the power plant is equipped with small generators. These temperature ranges can usually meet the needs of temperature experiments of most domestic military and civil products (such as diesel generators) to provide auxiliary power; The DC part is powered by the battery

(5) in order to ensure the safety of the auxiliary power, the auxiliary power part should be designed reasonably, and the auxiliary power should be supplied by sections, so that the vehicle enterprise and other customers can find a solution through the project cooperation with the technical center (the automatic switching device can be added to the section switch)

(6) as a system, when the system is difficult to maintain, For small power plants, low-frequency de listing of auxiliary power or other methods shall be adopted to de list small units to ensure auxiliary power

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