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Rethinking on the humanistic concept of green packaging II

II: "green packaging design"

the multiple connotations of green packaging design belong to the "green design" concept on the cultural concept level of packaging design, which covers many aspects: ecological care, environmental awareness; Human health and safety awareness; The design idea of sustainable development; Natural, comfortable and simple design concept. Starting from environmental protection, it aims to create a pollution-free ecological environment conducive to human health and human survival and reproduction through design. Therefore, green design is not only a technical consideration, but also a conceptual change. It requires designers to give up the practice of overemphasizing the innovation of product appearance design, focus on the innovation in the real sense, create the form of products with a more responsible attitude and method, and use the starting dividend insurance and universal insurance rate composition mechanism to reform more succinctly The lasting shape makes the product extend its service life as much as possible, and conveys the spiritual concept of green and humanities, so as to make its own contribution to the development of society at both the material and spiritual levels

on the one hand: green packaging design can boldly alleviate the dual pressure of resource crisis and pollution prevention. For example, the standard of department store packaging formulated by the Committee of the Japan Department Store Association: the action practice of packaging raw materials, mass entrepreneurship, mass innovative materials or finished products must not endanger human health, and packaging materials that are difficult to degrade after being discarded should be used as little as possible; Try to reduce the packaging volume, and the free volume in the container should not exceed 20% of the product volume. The committee also advocated the simplest packaging method, and even called for efforts towards zero packaging. From the above environmental protection points, we can see that the focus of green packaging design should be conducive to human health, pollution prevention and control, as well as the reuse of resources, which is closely related to the sustainable development of human society

on the other hand, the impact of green packaging design is more reflected in the ideas it contains, and the impact on people's ideas. Green ideas continue to convey the concept of "caring for the environment and health", leading people to abandon lifestyles harmful to physical and mental health, and explore more meaningful living space for individuals and groups. Therefore, the concept of green design is once again connected with humanism and humanistic spirit in terms of the difficulty of survival and life

we often say that the packaging design of each nation talks about how to deal with the relationship between the market and the government in terms of strategic minerals. Culture forms a design culture system. The packaging design culture of each nation in a certain era also forms its own cultural system, and different packaging design cultural systems contain some common cultural factors, as well as some different cultural factors, The former shows the universality of packaging design culture, while the latter shows the particularity of packaging design. Every nation's packaging design culture has its human part. The humanity of packaging design lies in the nationality, and the eternity lies in the times. At this time, the dialectical and unified cultural concept of packaging design. Then, when we put the concept of green design into the care of this dialectical and unified cultural concept, we find that its implication tends to be common to a large extent. Of course, in a sense, Showing this commonality is "China's foreign chemical investment is mainly the individuality of the current design idea of M & A transactions, that is, the humanity in nationality, the eternity in times and the universality in particularity. Therefore, this also makes us more confident in confirming the correctness of the direction of green design concept. Because, in a sense, green, humanities and science and technology are inherently unified. Green not only means environmental protection, but also includes far-reaching development." Away from noise and filth, pursue natural tranquility; Humanism is not only humanitarianism in the traditional sense, it contains not only human aspirations such as fraternity and compassion, but also love and respect for life and life. Here, humanism has become an internal pursuit of culture and civilization, expressing a desire for world peace and harmony of all things, thus highlighting human beings' clear understanding and calm response to foreign objects and themselves; As for science and technology, as the primary productive force to promote social development, it plays an irreplaceable important role in contemporary life. It is constantly changing the world and mankind itself at an amazing speed. However, science and technology is a double-edged sword, which not only benefits mankind, but also breaks through the norms of reason from time to time, pushing mankind to the edge of sin and destruction. Therefore, science and technology has not only become an important driving force of social progress, but also become the theme of art design

in today's world, "green packaging" has gradually become an international trend. Looking back at China's national conditions, (China's per capita share of resources is low, at the same time, the people's awareness of environmental protection is not strong, the technical level is relatively weak, and the task of environmental protection is heavy and far-reaching). It is necessary and necessary for us to put the implementation of "green packaging" in the first place. From the renewable resources of packaging materials, easy to deal with, reduce pollution and other aspects, research and development of new "green packaging materials". Strengthen environmental protection through legislation. As a major exporter and a member of the WTO, we should emphasize the greening of export commodity packaging to meet the needs of international green trade

whether from the perspective of our own health and national interests, or from the perspective of the sustainable development of human society and the prosperity of the world, we should pay close attention to and pay enough attention to green packaging design. For green packaging design, I hope the above discussion can be helpful for its healthy development

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