Retail of the hottest digital printing products II

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Retail of digital printing products (II)

in just a few years, we have changed from the mode that consumers completely give up control over the printing process to the mode that consumers have the right to choose. Now consumers can choose to print in retail stores, print or print at home. In this mode, consumers can say, "we already have this tool" "we have the ability" "we can control printing when needed."

loyal customers of retailers are no longer attracted by it

this is not to say that as digital technology becomes mainstream, retail stores will be kicked out of the printing circle. On the contrary, this is their opportunity to accumulate printing experience. Our research shows that customers attach great importance to improving the quality of pictures, and they will also encounter some problems when printing at home, especially difficulties in terms of costs and faults. Women are more willing to print photos than before, and they still trust retailers and are willing to hand over their photos to them

however, in today's market, the only thing that makes shoppers hesitant about the "printing in retail" model is the unsatisfactory experience it brings to them. Maybe it's a chaotic store environment, maybe it's a fault or a useless salesperson. No matter what the shortcomings are, if people have other printing options, just the blank in the service is enough to destroy the trust of regular customers in the information of retailers

please remember, this is all about winning and keeping their business

it has become an indisputable fact that consumers have more rights in today's print output market. However, historical experience shows that smart enterprises and retailers can often grasp the ups and downs of market trends and use innovation to promote their own development. So what are the challenges we face today

we need to define the structure of key customers and understand the specific factors that promote people's consumption behavior

in order to achieve this 4 For the purpose of flattening the impact sample into the gripper for clamping, Kodak recently conducted an in-depth investigation and Research on how printing customers make consumption decisions and how to choose printing enterprises

we do this survey to provide our partners with some guidance to improve the business effect in the store, so as to maximize the development of digital printing

the first stage of our investigation is to interview hundreds of consumers and conduct in-depth research on their purchase behavior. We mainly want to know the factors that these consumers focus on when deciding to cooperate with a retail store and the reasons why they return to the original store or not

the second stage of the survey is to summarize the decisive factors that affect people's purchase and consumption behavior. The so-called "decisive factors" are relatively important factors that can help us achieve more effective product marketing and resource allocation

next, I will spend a few minutes talking about how these decisive factors are obtained and what they mean to us. In a word, we found some important factors for consumers through the survey. Below we will list these important factors

for photo consumers, convenience is the most important factor. On average, convenience plays a role of nearly half - 46% in consumers' choice of retailers

How do we define convenience? Location and in store experience are very important to consumers. Only one third of consumers said they would like to go to a place away from ten minutes' drive to develop photos. Good location means convenient parking, or there is a shopping center near the store

now we should make the in store experience of consumers as simple as possible. Because the survey results show that the "convenience" in the eyes of customers is that they can easily enter and exit the photo department or store, can quickly find and use the printing desk, and also have a convenient working space

to achieve this, you need to complete the following steps

1) ensure that your settings operate normally and are well maintained

2) place your printing desk in an easy to see place in the store

3) provide a work invitation space, and ensure that all equipment is ready to start printing

the second important factor behind convenience is "experience", which plays a third - or 35% role in the process of consumers making consumption decisions. "Experience" is a magical combination of trust, service and quality. It covers image quality, but it also extends to some abstract elements. For example, the knowledge reserve, professionalism and continuity of salespersons, and the importance consumers receive from you

in order to provide consumers with a satisfactory "experience" in the store, it is necessary to make your employees friendly, well-trained, knowledgeable and helpful

the decisive factor behind convenience and experience is price. This may surprise many of you because it breaks the traditional thinking of retailers. This discovery is of great significance to retailers who can swing up and down 900 easily, and will also become the biggest highlight of my speech today

consumers tell us that the price factor only plays less than 20% of the role in making purchase decisions. Moreover, 7 out of 10 people think that price is not the main consideration when they choose retailers. In other words, 70% of consumers believe that price accounts for only 11% of the determinants, which is almost negligible

people's contempt for price factors and attention to other factors such as convenience and experience all show how stupid it is for merchants to launch a price war in this field. Price war is a destructive trend, which will eventually destroy the industry and our brand value

these purchase factors tell us that we should focus on improving and bringing wonderful consumption experience to customers. In short, you should think about how your store can meet the needs of customers

finally, I want to talk about several important principles that should be followed to meet customer requirements and promote enterprise development. The first is to maximize the publicity of your digital printing ability

the second is to help consumers cross the digital divide through education

the third is to invest in training

fourth, try your best to make yourself different

I hope you can all contribute to the short-term and long-term development of the digital printing industry as a guide to help customers cross the digital divide and make printing simpler, faster and more convenient

thank you

information source: must win

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