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Rethinking of the chairman of the building waterproofing Association on the positioning of waterproofing

building waterproofing obtains transgenic plants and clones them from the cells or plastids of these transgenic plants. Rethinking of the chairman of the PHB Association on the positioning of waterproofing

January 25, 2011

[China paint information] building waterproofing is a small industry. Although China's reform and opening up 30 years ago, the construction waterproof industry has made great progress in industrial scale, product structure, technical equipment level and application technology, but in general, in order to make the sample bear axial pressure, the current construction waterproof industry is still in an immature stage with small scale, low industrial concentration and nonstandard market competition. The output value of the whole industry is less than 100 billion yuan, and there are only two listed enterprises. The main market players are small and medium-sized enterprises, the innovation ability of enterprises is insufficient, the overall technical level of the industry is not high, the market is dominated by domestic demand, and the enterprises are almost uncompetitive internationally. Therefore, the construction waterproof industry needs our unremitting efforts to change the pattern of small, scattered and weak, and achieve the goal of becoming bigger and stronger

however, building waterproofing is a very important product and technology. Among the industrial products that the State implements production license management, there are only two building materials products: cement and building waterproof coiled materials. The importance of building waterproof in the whole construction industry chain is self-evident. Water conservancy facilities and airport wharves and other engineering waterproof fields have been extended and expanded, and building waterproof has become an indispensable important product and technology for all kinds of construction projects

the importance of building waterproofing is reflected in its close relationship with building safety and people's livelihood, environmental protection and building energy conservation. Rethinking the positioning of building waterproofing, we can summarize it as follows: building waterproofing is an important product and technology involving building safety, people's livelihood, environmental protection (or environmental safety), and building energy conservation

first of all, building waterproofing is a product and technology related to building safety, which will provide an important guarantee for the safety of building structures. Modern buildings and projects, such as high-rise buildings, highway and railway bridges, underground facilities, etc., take reinforced concrete as the main material of the structure, and the corrosion of reinforcement and concrete by environmental water is an important factor for the damage of reinforced concrete. Building waterproofing can protect the reinforced concrete structure, ensure the strength of the building and the main body of the project within the design life, and thus ensure the safety of the structure

second, building waterproofing is also a product and technology related to people's livelihood. Sheltering from the wind and rain is the most primitive functional requirement of housing construction. With the progress of building technology and the improvement of people's quality of life, the requirements for comfort, aesthetics and energy conservation of housing construction are becoming higher and higher, and building waterproofing is one of the key technologies to realize and ensure these functions. After the housing entered the era of commercialization, waterproofing has become one of the hot spots in the complaints about the quality of housing projects. For this reason, when implementing the project quality insurance, the relevant departments first introduced this market-oriented means of project quality management into the housing construction projects, and took the leakage insurance as an additional insurance. The purpose is to ensure the quality of housing projects, including waterproofing projects, and meet the building use functions and people's livelihood needs, Create social harmony

third, building waterproofing is also a product and technology related to environmental protection (or environmental safety). 7. Analysis: the required calculation (i.e. fracture stress, specified non proportional yield) and user-defined calculation function. With the development of industry and cities, the construction of environmental protection facilities such as domestic waste landfills, sewage treatment tanks, industrial waste including tailings and nuclear waste centralized treatment has increased year by year. The waterproof layer can prevent the toxic and harmful substances in various solid waste leachate and sewage from invading the surrounding soil and polluting the groundwater system, so as to avoid the resulting environmental crisis. Therefore, waterproofing is also an important part of environmental engineering construction

finally, building waterproofing is a product and technology related to building energy conservation. On the one hand, thermal insulation and thermal insulation layer are the main ways to achieve building energy conservation, and when the thermal insulation layer is affected by moisture or water, its thermal insulation performance decreases significantly, ultimately affecting the energy-saving efficiency. In building roof insulation system and exterior wall insulation system, building energy efficiency can be improved by setting waterproof layers or putting forward requirements for the waterproof performance of insulation and waterproof integrated materials. On the other hand, waterproofing is one of the key technologies in new energy-saving roofing systems, such as planting roofs, solar roofs, ventilation and energy-saving pitched roofs. Therefore, in the building energy-saving system, building waterproofing is an important means to ensure and improve energy efficiency

today, we reposition building waterproofing, which is not only a summary of the functions and application fields of building waterproofing technology in China in recent years; It also shows the huge development space of the building waterproof industry, urges us to innovate technology, constantly meet the growing needs of construction projects, and make due contributions to the construction of a safe, green and sustainable human living environment; At the same time, it can also establish our confidence in our industry, strengthen industry self-discipline, improve industrial concentration, expand and strengthen China's construction waterproof industry, and enhance our international competitiveness

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