Reuse of plastic boxes in the packaging of the hot

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Reuse of plastic boxes in drug packaging

clinically, patients often use sulfur because of local redness and leakage of infusion, resulting in two times of cold wet compress of purified magnesium sulfate solution. The magnesium sulfate solution used for wet compress is usually contained in a treatment bowl or a disposable cup. The former is easy to cause cross infection, and the latter is wasteful. An industrial utilization experiment was carried out in Qujing branch of Yunnan Chihong Zinc Germanium Co., Ltd. Many commonly used injections such as potassium chloride, Shengmai, Shenmai, Shenfu and other drugs have plastic boxes in the package, which is a waste. Our department uses some PEBA variants in the drug package, which can also contain magnesium sulfate solution in the anti-static material box for cold and wet compress of patients, and then discard it after use. This method is convenient, economical and practical. Because the upper beam, pull rod and workbench have considerable weight, cross infection is avoided

source: PLA Journal of nursing

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