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Teleperformance industry research: call center remote seats have achieved success

CTI Forum () news on March 26 (compiler/Lao Qin): in the past two decades, call centers usually mean large buildings, full of young employees, wearing headphones to answer hundreds of calls

this mode may be changing

people are calling from home now, which will definitely disturb the customer service department like Uber

global business process outsourcing (BPO) companies have begun to work at home pilot projects with Indian e-commerce and health technology start-ups. This will enable them to provide cheaper services and dial-up services on demand

it is certain that business process outsourcing (BPO) companies have long had staff working at home, which is called waha in the industry. However, in the past, only key employees could choose. This is used for business contingency planning or to mitigate costs at delivery locations such as the United States

however, the high transmission system and other authorities in the industry said that due to the spread of covid-19 virus, most parts of China have been closed, and the call center mode of working from home is likely to be widely adopted

work at home mode has been available before, but customers cannot accept it. Now, in China, coronavirus is prevalent, and we have 2000 employees working at home. Bhupender Singh, group transformation president of BPO provider teleperformance, said: This is an unfortunate thing, but with it, customers are now open to it

he said that the company has about 1400 seats in the United States. Teleperformance has more than 330000 employees worldwide

although the designated work space is required in the seat's home, and the landline and connectivity pose challenges, work from home is also being carried out in India

Rajiv Ahuja, global chief operating officer of Startek, said: in Startek India, we also provide waha for a health technology company because it can expand its scale (when needed), which means that the number of waha product experts can be adjusted according to the needs of seasonal labor

singh said that teleperformance is also working with two Indian companies to try out the home working mode, one of which is in the field of e-commerce. In the whole sales process, more seats are needed, but after that period, the investment cannot make China understand that the production capacity of Maldives and other small island countries in dealing with climate change and achieving sustainable development is unreasonable. Working from home can help meet capacity needs

this model is also cheaper, which is an important advantage for Indian customers and call center operators. Working from home can not only eliminate the physical center in the matrix, but also eliminate the transportation costs usually borne by the company

but 50% of the company is new and customized. The company needs to adopt some processes before it can change to the mode of working from home

Ahuja of Startek said: it needs a hub and SP4) durable measurement oke business management model, powerful centralized labor management, technical functions (virtual desktop) and the combination of security and compliance control functions. He added that the company has a virtual desktop integrator platform, which can control computers until agents log off from the platform, thus limiting the occurrence of information fraud and the possibility of damaging data security

experts in the field of tracking said that this model is helping customers obtain higher quality project talents and help reduce personnel turnover

usually, you will be interested in elderly employees or housewives. We have seen this in developed markets in the United States and Europe, but we also see this in delivery markets such as the Philippines, China and India, said Peter Ryan, President of Ryan Strategic Advisory

teleperformance has closed some centers and switched to work at home mode. Other providers such as Sitel and Sykes are also adding seats to work from home

Singh of teleperformance said that this transformation will also help hire more women, especially in India

he added: if this situation expands, we can see that it is helpful to the employment of Indian women. There may be housewives working at home for a few hours a day, which is very flexible

the Indian government is looking for incentives to help BPO companies create a home-based work model

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