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Telecom value-added services are growing rapidly, operators are laying out and building a unified platform

"the next few years will be a period of rapid development of China's telecom value-added services." Liu Liqing, President of China Communications Enterprise Association, believes so. With the acceleration of 3G network construction, the popularization of 3G business, the promotion of intelligent terminals, and the development and application of new technologies such as IOT and cloud computing, the development speed of telecom value-added services is further accelerated. Nowadays, microblogging, video, impact end navigation, mobile payment and other services have been widely used in mobile Internet, with great development potential and space

in this context, recently, the "10th annual value-added telecommunications business conference" hosted by the China Communications Enterprise Association and hosted by the value-added services Professional Committee of the China Communications Enterprise Association and the China Green Culture Construction Alliance was held in Beijing

regulators: self-discipline is higher than restraint

Liu Liqing said at the annual meeting that at present, China's telecom value-added services have become an important force in improving the quality of life of consumers and boosting the country's economic and social development. Needless to say 3 It is doubted that mobile Internet is the fastest growing, most competitive and most innovative field in the current information industry, and will continue to give birth to many new equipment, such as the industrial chain form, business form and business model of impact testing machine. New fields with great market potential, such as IOT, will also provide a good environment for the development of value-added telecommunications enterprises

in this regard, Wang Jianwen, deputy director of the telecommunications administration of the Ministry of industry and information technology, believes that value-added telecommunications enterprises are facing opportunities for development, but at the same time, they should also pay attention to new problems that may be encountered in the new era. In his view, enterprises should first change their thinking and lead consumption with new businesses. "The same types of value-added telecommunications services can only make enterprises narrower and narrower, and can only meet the rich and colorful needs of users by developing in the direction of convenience and service to users and by means of innovation." Secondly, value-added telecom enterprises should also strengthen industry self-discipline and consciously maintain market order. As Wang Jianwen said, value-added telecom enterprise services are at the forefront of the market and play an important role in the overall communication industry in managing the network environment, promoting the construction of social spiritual civilization, and ensuring the healthy development of the Internet in the above aspects

it is worth mentioning that at present, China's Internet association, led by the Ministry of industry and information technology, has also successively signed some industry self-discipline conventions to urge enterprises to develop healthily and orderly. However, compared with these external constraints, self-discipline within value-added telecom enterprises is more important. "According to the current technology, market development trends and the overall trend of the Internet industry, China's value-added telecommunications enterprises should make a clear positioning as soon as possible, and should calm down in case of trouble. Fighting and killing cannot solve the problem." Wang Jianwen said frankly

operators: integrated products

operators play an important role in the development of value-added telecommunications services

Liu Xin, deputy general manager of China Mobile Data Department, revealed at the annual meeting that the development of mobile Internet has also brought changes to China Mobile's business model, and the closed business model in the past is no longer suitable for it. "In the future, we will strengthen the scale construction and coverage of WLAN, and achieve the coverage of 1million hotspots within three years to improve the user experience." Liu Xin said, "in addition, in order to better solve the problem of traffic management, we will completely abandon the concept of operating traffic with the traditional voice business model, and gradually explore the mode that can really improve traffic management."

in this regard, Wang Lijun, product innovation Department of China Unicom, said that in the future, China Unicom will gradually build products on a unified platform through the segmentation of users and services, further stimulate users' frequent communication behavior, and attract more users to join. "At present, the proportion of non voice business income in our 3G business income has reached 52.3%, the penetration rate of music, video and other data businesses continues to grow, and user consumption habits are gradually forming." In Wang Lijun's view, product integration is the key problem that operators need to solve in the future. On the basis of product integration, operators also need to speed up the construction of user aggregation, user interaction and user trading platforms, and finally form optimized products to create value for users. Communication world

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