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Marketing management solutions

at present, the main marketing method of many domestic enterprises is marketing. By searching a large number of valuable clues from multiple channels, marketers call one by one, screen out customers with follow-up value, and then hand them over to salesperson for follow-up treatment. Of course, most of the unknown clues searched in the first step are worthless. □□ □

what does this way of working mean? It means that every marketer has to deal with a large number of unknown clues, and they have to sort out which customers have been called and which have not; Which clues have been proved to be valuable are handed over to the sales department, and which need to be kept temporarily; Professional marketers will also classify clues in detail, such as customer responsiveness (resistance, no attitude, intention, positive attitude, strong demand), etc. Of course, their work also needs to make a plan for daily telephone visits to customers. Therefore, the clues and workload that marketers need to deal with can be described as massive, not to mention how to classify and follow up customer clues according to various types. It is applicable to plastic plates, pipes and profiles

due to the birth of the marketing system, the complexity of marketing will change 360 degrees, making every marketer work easily and freely, and managers know the state of marketing like the palm of their hand

common marketing problems

every marketer needs to deal with a large number of customer leads, which is difficult to manage. If you want to classify customer leads by various types, the workload is extremely huge. Marketers are used to recording each record in their own notebook, which is difficult for managers to control. Because there are many clues that need to be visited again, marketers are easy to forget, and often miss clues as managers, Of course, you want to know how many marketers play every day and how much is valuable. Then you also want to classify clues according to your classification habits. Marketers often can't finish the amount arranged every day, so they delay it day by day, gradually accumulate and delay the sales progress. In the end, they don't know which ones have been hit and which haven't. Marketers need sales words as a tool for telephone interviews, especially for inexperienced marketers. How to manage sales words? How to share good sales words? When I suddenly came to the inspiration, I thought of a good script. How are the sentences unified? When the other party raises a question, because the marketer has insufficient knowledge in all aspects, he stutters and answers, and the result is predictable. Marketers often encounter customers with extremely bad attitudes, or the success rate is very low. They often suffer rejection, which makes their mental state low and have no enthusiasm

marketing solutions

excrm marketing system

1 There is a perfect customer lead file, and the content of the lead file can be set arbitrarily according to needs

2 It can classify and count the existing clue files at will. Then follow up as needed

3 Provide complete tracking records for each clue, and define the number of days before the return visit, so that not only the marketer will not forget to omit, but also the manager can understand the situation through the records, and automatically remind the return visit according to the return visit rules defined by the company

4. Provide convenient sales word management, and set whether to share or not, so new callers will become masters

5. Custom classification knowledge base enables marketers to easily open the knowledge base interface, and then enter keywords to query relevant knowledge and materials. Of course, they should answer quickly

6. You can let every marketing staff arrange the phone call work of tomorrow. It should be said that these three are an organic whole. Of course, before she goes to work, she can also see that she has to complete the phone call tasks today at any time. After each call is completed and then recorded, the completed number of the system will be increased by one, and the unfinished number will be reduced by one. In this way, she can immediately see her work results, and know at any time how many calls have not been made today

7. In a wide range of fields where the operation of the plastic granulator touches the national economy, the running lantern display incentives and even the stress-strain curve sentences can be displayed in real time during the test, which can stimulate the positive emotions of marketers

8. After confirming a valuable lead, you can easily import all the information of the lead into the potential customer file for the salesperson to track. Of course, the salesperson uses the customer tracking file to continue to follow up the customer until the customer orders or gives up as a failed customer

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