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Teleopte won the scheduling project of Shenzhen airline customer service call center

ctiforum on February 27 (Yang Yi): in January 2013, teleopte, together with Yugao and Yuxin, won the operation and management project of Shenzhen airline customer service to implement the preferential tariff center through the agreed tax rate and preferential tax situation. Shenzhen Airlines hopes to have a fruitful event to improve the operation and management efficiency of the whole customer service center through a WFO that integrates the best module application. For this reason, at the end of last year, Shenzhen Airlines passed the bidding and carefully evaluated each application module, and teleopti was selected as the partner of scheduling application. 4 The placing amount of test objects shall not affect the airflow balance and smoothness of the working room. After the Spring Festival, teleopti will begin to implement the shift scheduling application. It is reported that Shenzhen Airlines customer service has about 500 seats, focusing on the traditional airline customer service and ticket sales business

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