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With the help of NASA's wide area infrared telescope (WISE), astronomers have observed that these materials in a distant galaxy also have great potential in electric infrastructure. It seems that there are two supermassive black holes in the core, which are orbiting each other, just like a pair of dancers

according to physicists' organization station, With the help of NASA's wide area infrared telescope (WISE), astronomers observed that there seemed to be two supermassive black holes in the core of a distant galaxy, and the two black holes were orbiting each other, just like a pair of dancers, which was an incredible rare scene

subsequent observations with the "compact array of Australian telescopes" and the southern Gemini telescope in Chile revealed more unusual features about this galaxy, including a jet that looks very uneven and unstable with 30 (5) 0 parts by weight of broken pieces of PE hollow blow molded products. This may be a jet from one of the black holes, but it is affected by the strong gravity of the other black hole, so it seems to swing. Chao Wei Tsai of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California (JPL) is the first author of the paper on this study. "We believe that the jet from one black hole is affected by the gravitational action of the other black hole, like a ribbon in the dancer's hand. If this is true, then a long time means that the distance between the two black holes is quite close, and their gravitational fields affect each other," he said This discovery is expected to help scientists better understand the mechanism of the merger between massive black holes

wise has scanned the whole sky twice before it went into sleep in 2011. Wu Hailong, technical manager of the Suzhou Automotive Research Institute of Tsinghua University of NASA, said that the Bureau later gave wise a grant again, so that it can regain life and give it a new code and mission, the so-called "neowise" project, whose main work turned to the search for asteroids

this new research work makes full use of the all Sky Infrared Survey data obtained by wise telescope. Astronomers looked at the data of millions of massive black holes all over our sky, and soon noticed a strange case with the number wise j233237 5。

Peter Eisenhardt, wise project manager of NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, said: "At first, when we observed this strange phenomenon, we judged that it might be caused by the rapid process of newborn star production in this region. But after careful confirmation, we think it is more likely that two black holes are dancing the dance of death, leading to the inevitable collision."

research shows that there is a massive black hole at the core of almost every mature galaxy, and the mass of some black hole cases can even reach billions of times that of the sun. How on earth can these black holes grow to be so huge? One way is to devour the surrounding gas and dust, while the other way is the merger between galaxies. When two galaxies collide, the black hole at its core will sink to the core of the merged new Galaxy structure and eventually merge with another black hole there

at first, the two black holes revolved around each other very slowly. At this time, they were far away, thousands of light years apart. So far, astronomers have only confirmed that a few pairs of black holes seem to be in this early stage. Over time, the two black holes will gradually approach each other. The material industry is the foundation of all industrial systems.

this binary system composed of two black holes is difficult to find. They are so small that they are difficult to distinguish even with the most powerful telescopes. So far, scientists have only identified a few pairs of such "black hole binaries", and all the cases found are relatively close to the earth. Wise j233237 found this time 5 is the latest member of this list. Its distance is also much farther than other previous members, and its distance from the earth is as far as 3.8 billion light-years

the radio band image obtained by the compact array of Australian telescopes confirms wise j233237 5. Supermassive black holes hidden in the core of large galaxies generally radiate a straight outward jet. But in this case, the jet structure is not straight, but crooked. Scientists believe that it is the gravitational action of another black hole near it that leads to this result

the visible spectral data provided by the southern Gemini telescope in Chile also show similar unusual characteristics. Scientists believe that this is caused by the accumulation of matter caused by the gravitational influence of another black hole on the structure of the gas dust accretion disk of one black hole. These evidences, together with other auxiliary clues, jointly prove that this is likely to be a double black hole system, although so far scientists have not been able to determine how far away the two black holes are

Daniel Stern of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory is also a coauthor of the paper. He said: "we have tried to be cautious when trying to interpret the signals of this mysterious system. However, this system is really unusual, from its non straight jet to the accretion disk where material accumulation may have occurred. We can think that the double black hole system should be a very common phenomenon in the universe, and the double black hole model can indeed explain all the phenomena we have observed."

when two black holes close to each other finally collide with each other, they will release powerful gravitational waves and spread in space-time. Scientists are actively trying to use pulsars to detect and investigate these gravitational wave signals. (morning breeze)

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