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Telecom equipment giants called on China to speed up 4G and broadband news on September 24, during the just concluded Beijing International Telecommunication exhibition, several major telecom equipment giants in trouble all over the world voiced their wishes: they hoped that Chinese operators would speed up the construction of 4G and broadband. Although there were concerns about the interests of telecom equipment giants, they also mentioned that network congestion would inevitably occur if they did not step up the construction of 4G networks in the era of smart computers, This also makes sense

2g is still widely used, which is inappropriate.

due to the absence of many telecom industry giants around the world, this year's Beijing Telecom exhibition site appears a little lonely. However, the views of all parties are still fierce

Feng yingduo, executive vice president of Ericsson China and Northeast Asia, said bluntly in an interview with Sina Technology: now many countries are listing the timetable for the exit of 2G networks, and put investment mainly on 4G and 3G networks with financing difficulties. In this regard, China's broadband strategy is now lagging behind. When other countries are talking about quitting 2G, China is still using a lot of 2G. When other countries are vigorously laying LTE networks, our country does not have a timetable for LTE. This is a very bad phenomenon, which is detrimental to the economy

Liu Peng, vice president of ZTE, has a similar view with Feng yingduo. He believes that this is a huge loss. Due to the rapid rise of intelligence, it is expected that it will be difficult to see functional machines in the market by the next year. If we don't build the network in the future, it will be the same as the current urban traffic congestion, and there is no way to carry out it

he also said that now, no matter on the street, in the elevator, in the subway, or on public occasions related to the calibration steps of metallographic microscope, it is certain to see that many people use intelligence to browse information. The defects of the network have a great impact and challenge on the communication industry. Therefore, how to solve the information highway of mobile Internet is an important challenge for all communication operators and enterprises

the construction of 4G and broadband has a great impact on GDP

about the purpose of accelerating the construction of 4G networks and broadband, Feng yingduo, executive vice president of Ericsson China and Northeast Asia, said that we have a consumer laboratory. Studies have shown that every time the speed of mobile networks doubles, it will increase the GDP of the whole country by 0.3%

Liu Peng, vice president of ZTE, admitted that due to the poor global economic situation, especially the economic downturn in western countries, the entire communication industry has encountered some difficulties; This year's Beijing Communications Exhibition should have been very important, but now the world economy is not very prosperous, many enterprises did not participate, and 4G or accelerating broadband construction is not only beneficial to users, but also very beneficial to the industry to get out of trouble

pan Bo, vice president of Nokia Siemens Greater China, clearly expressed the hope that the competent government departments would increase their support for TD-LTE on China Mobile. He said that there are several things I call on our government departments to pay more attention to. The first is the allocation of frequency resources. We hope to give TD-LTE more frequency resources. Second, we hope to speed up the process that TD-LTE manufacturers can replace some foreign fixtures to a certain extent, and the process from pre commercial to commercial can be greatly shortened

Zhao Qun, vice president of Shanghai Bell, also expressed the hope that the frequency band used by TD-LTE would be confirmed as soon as possible

from the national perspective, we must consider not only the economic pull, but also the overall broadband strategy, so the introduction of 4G is the sooner the better. This can kill two birds with one stone, stimulate the economy and improve the country's broadband strategy, said Feng yingduo, executive vice president of Ericsson China and Northeast Asia

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