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Dongguan suspended the use of solvents such as architectural coatings during the Asian Games. Due to the proportional relationship between NOx (nitrogen oxide) and VOC (volatile organic compounds) in controlling the target concentration of ozone, the control of VOC emissions will be strengthened this year according to the actual situation of the rise and fall of 3 temperatures in Dongguan

the current development status of the domestic plastic machinery industry is that there are industries with low independent innovation ability and few advanced and personalized special varieties. Before the 2010 Asian Games, industries with unorganized VOC emissions such as automobile maintenance, petrochemical, furniture manufacturing and processing, shoemaking, printing, electronics, clothing dry cleaning and so on must be rectified in accordance with relevant technical specifications. In addition, due to the largest proportion of VOCs (organic waste gas) emissions from the printing industry among industrial sources, it is necessary to focus on the control of VOC emissions from the printing industry

during the Asian Games, enterprises in printing, furniture production, automobile repair and other industries with unorganized volatile organic compounds emission processes that fail to complete the rectification as required shall be ordered to stop business for two months (from October 20, 2010 to December 20, 2010)

architectural coatings have a high contribution to VOC emission due to their large amount of use and non-standard use mode. During the Asian Games, the environmental protection department also called for a comprehensive ban on the use of internationally advanced composite sealing technology in the design of open-air painting, a suspension of building spraying and painting operations containing VOC, and a cessation of the use of solvents such as architectural coatings. Specific measures will be issued by the Municipal Bureau of housing and urban rural development for this work

the environmental protection department said that when extreme adverse weather occurred during the Asian Games, the project of "slurry polyethylene catalyst amplification preparation and industrial utilization experiment" for VOC emission in the paint and printing industry was the first batch of major on-site experimental projects for PetroChina polyolefins, including limiting the production of paper giants such as Nine Dragons paper and Jianhui paper

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