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Teleopti invites you to participate in the 2016 China customer experience Innovation Conference

coping with challenges. How does teleopti WFM support your Omni channel service center

it is difficult to have an exact timetable for the emergence of the customer service industry (formerly known as the call center). The initial call center was dominated by telephone services, such as airline ticket reservation center and hotel room reservation center to provide services for users. The banking industry also began to build its own call center in the early 1970s. The world's first call center with a certain scale that can provide 7x24 services was built and put into use by Pan American Airlines in 1956. Its main function is to allow customers to book tickets through the call center. Since then, the concept of using for customer service, marketing, technical support and other specific business activities has gradually been accepted and adopted worldwide, until today's large-scale Omni channel call center industry has been formed

in the first decade of the 21st century, more multimedia access methods have gradually become an important service channel for customer service centers, whether it is the previous social media, or later communication, Weibo, etc., intelligent voice and self-service. These powerful Omni channel access methods make the customer service work more three-dimensional, and the information transmission more abundant and effective, but also make the management of professional customer service centers increasingly complex and fragmented, which also brings more technical challenges and management difficulties to our customer service management. We can summarize these challenges and difficulties as follows:

coping with the challenge of multi-site management of large customer service centers

coping with the challenge of multi-channel and multi business type management in the Internet banking environment

coping with the challenge of new avant-garde cloud customer service

coping with the challenge of employee ability management

coping with the challenge of fine management of small customer service centers

coping with the challenge of employee turnover

teleopt will share it professionally, At the 2016 China customer experience Innovation Conference, explain the solutions and coping strategies of eopti that Tel can survive. Welcome to our company

location: Liaoning building, Beijing, China

time: 2016/10/13

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Speaker: Peng Longcheng, senior sales manager of teleopti

Mr. Peng Longcheng joined teleopti at the end of 2014 and served as senior sales manager of South China. He has developed many important customers and participated in the construction and management of many WFM projects in the past few months The labor management of industry contact centers such as operators and e-commerce may have deep insights into the surface melting, blistering and even decomposition mode in the preheating stage of the hot forming process of thick wall products. Baiqian finance, vipshop and China Mobile South base, which they serve, have profound industry influence in the field of customer service center and are the industry benchmark in the field of customer service

before joining teleopti, Mr. Peng Longcheng worked for IBM (China) as a sales representative of data analysis (BI) product solutions. In about five years of service, we have successfully won a number of key customers, such as CITIC credit card, Guangdong Post EMS, Great Wall Securities, Shenzhen Stock Exchange, Guangdong Dapeng natural gas, etc. Its industry experience in the field of data analysis provided it with a new perspective different from that of traditional customer service experts to explore the market in the field of customer service. In addition to focusing on product functions, the customer service center pays more attention to the panoramic management, unified management process and elimination of data islands through WFM

Mr. Peng Longcheng graduated from South China Normal University with a bachelor's degree in software engineering

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