Dongguan proposes to levy use tax on plastic bags

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The number of plastic bags used is amazing. Dongguan suggests imposing a use tax on plastic bags

at present, in Dongguan, citizens will bring back many plastic bags wherever they go shopping. According to the calculation of the municipal environmental protection department, every citizen uses an average of 2 to 3 plastic bags every day, and the plastic moving beam automatically stops moving the bags, which is non degradable, which has caused pollution to the environment of Dongguan to a certain extent. At the press conference of the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau on June 5, the Environmental Protection Bureau said that it plans to report to the higher authorities and relevant departments that it plans to formulate a set of binding mechanisms to impose a "plastic bag use tax" on users and a "plastic bag pollution control tax" on manufacturers to control the use of plastic bags

the use of plastic bags is amazing

the massive use and random abandonment of plastic packaging bags and shopping bags are becoming one of the main sources of "white pollution". Yesterday, the manager of a large supermarket in Dongcheng District of Dongguan told that the daily consumption of plastic bags was nearly 10000. Dongguan has nearly 10000 large, medium and small supermarkets and markets in various industries. According to this calculation, the average monthly consumption of plastic bags in Dongguan is surprising

what will citizens do after taking plastic bags home? The answer of Mr. Li, a citizen, seems to represent the thoughts of most urban residents: "plastic bags are treated as garbage bags after they are taken home.

when I go out in the morning, I conveniently put the garbage of the first day into plastic bags, then take it out and throw it into the garbage can in the community. "

it is planned to establish a restraint mechanism to control the dosage

for the current situation of the proliferation of plastic bags by giving full play to their talent advantages and tackling key problems, the relevant person in charge of Dongguan Environmental Protection Bureau said, "In fact, this kind of harm to the environment is great. The 'white pollution' such as plastic bags not only damages the environmental landscape of Dongguan City, but also causes soil deterioration and water quality deterioration. However, plastic bags are a necessity of people's life. It is unrealistic to prohibit citizens from using plastic bags, which can only be controlled in quantity." Therefore, on the world environment day on June 5, the municipal environmental protection department proposed to strive to establish a restraint mechanism that can not only limit the production of plastic bags, but also control the use of plastic bags, such as imposing a "plastic bag use tax" on users and a "plastic bag pollution control tax" on manufacturers. At the same time, stores are encouraged to use plastic bags with compensation and customers are encouraged to use environmental protection shopping bags. "But at present, this is still a preliminary tentative plan. The Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau will conduct a detailed investigation to implement the measures, and will also consult with the tax and other departments." The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau said

for the idea of the environmental protection department, a staff member of PARKnSHOP jufuhaoyuan branch was worried that the main reason was its high production cost. "The supermarket is also willing to provide plastic bags for payment to customers, but it is afraid that customers do not understand it, which will affect the supermarket business." Ms. Wang, a citizen, said, "is it reasonable for the 'plastic bag use tax' to be passed on to consumers? It is worth investigating how and how much the tax is levied."

source of information: Southern Metropolis Daily

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