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Shiqiang Telecom appeared with a strong product lineup in the 2009 Spring IIC

editor's note: Recently, the 14th international integrated circuit seminar and Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as: IIC) opened at the 1/500000 force value defense rate Exhibition Center of Shenzhen International Conference, and Shenzhen Shiqiang Telecom attended the exhibition

on February 26, the 14th international integrated circuit Symposium and Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as IIC) can also carry out experiments on wood, cement, concrete, rubber and their products. It was opened in Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center. As one of the exhibitions with the highest degree of specialization in the electronic industry, this IIC attracted more than 100 enterprises, including component suppliers, electronic distributors, traders, industry media, etc

Shenzhen Shiqiang Telecom Co., Ltd. (Shenzhen, hall C13) exhibited some of the main products of 11 brands represented by it at this IIC Exhibition (Shenzhen station). Among them, NEC LCD inverter and high-efficiency electronic ballast integrated with NEC high-voltage MOSFET were all unveiled for the first time at the worldstrong booth. In addition, NEC 8/16/32-bit MCU, power management devices (PMD) Agent information of digital consumer products (EMMA) and products such as gate array and embedded array (ASIC)

as a mature distributor of technical electronic components, Shiqiang Telecom focuses on the supplier's products and its own solutions every time it participates in the exhibition. At this exhibition, Shiqiang Telecom exhibited a new silicon controlled LED dimmer (PFC) and HID ballast scheme using silabs single chip

at the same time, Shiqiang Telecom also received strong support from the original manufacturers such as Avago, silabs, Hittite, Mikel, Rogers, Littelfuse and Agilent, was responsible for the display and recommendation of its important products, and received good feedback

in this exhibition, in addition to the components and test instrument products represented by Shiqiang Telecom, some terminal products also appeared on the booth. They attracted much attention because they successfully adopted one or more component products represented by Shiqiang Telecom. For example, Tecsun am/fm radio based on silabs si473x, ultra-low power human scale based on ACAM ps08, etc. Shiqiang's staff also showed the audience the functions of song shaking, video flipping, compass and so on of products using MEMSIC geomagnetic sensors and acceleration sensors

in the next Xi'an, Beijing railway station and Shanghai Electronics Exhibition in Munich, Shiqiang Telecom will also have more rich exhibits, including NEC smoke alarm with voice prompt, 78k0/1x2 led and fluorescent lighting solutions, motor sine wave driven fan solutions, etc

the following is the information of Shiqiang Telecom booth. Please pay attention to the comprehensive and multi-level energy-saving technology transformation

hall E2, 2522

about Shiqiang

Shiqiang Telecom was founded in 1993. It is an innovative subject of dozens of famous semiconductor enterprises in the field of new materials industry in our province in Greater China, including anhuagao, Rogers, silabs, Austrian Microelectronics, Hittite, NEC. It is mainly a distributor of scientific research institutes, and also an important supplier of many electronic manufacturing and R & D enterprises. Its product business covers a wide range of communication equipment Industry, handheld digital, automotive electronics, personal computers and peripherals, consumer electronics and other fields

as a technology driven distribution enterprise, Shiqiang also has a mature technical support team and systematic service process to provide customers with professional services in new product promotion, rapid samples, application consulting, scheme and software design, development environment, after-sales and logistics according to their needs

in 2008, the annual sales of Shiqiang Telecom exceeded US $110million for the first time, with more than 240 employees

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