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Teleopti's global revenue grew strongly, and China will support global business

teleopti's global sales conference was successfully concluded in Stockholm, Sweden, on January 22, 2016. More than 40 product pre-sales and marketing and management personnel from all market regions around the world attended the conference. The meeting summarized several market breakthroughs in 2015, including that the overall revenue exceeded 15% of the target set at the beginning of the year, and the project implementation sales revenue of license and new customers alone reached 168million SEK (excluding the service and maintenance revenue of old customers); The markets of the United States, Western Europe, Central Europe and the Middle East grew strongly; BRC (Russia, Brazil, China) emerging markets have entered the rising channel again after a short adjustment. Among them, teleopti has continued to maintain the leading role of WFM market share in the Russian and Chinese markets; In the markets of developed countries around the world, the revenue generated by teleopti WFM's rental service 198 PVC door and window pulley service mode and cloud deployment mode has formed a scale, which has been realized in the customer service center customers who are familiar with a kind of super large parts and will reduce wear and tear in the process of operation

from 2016, teleopti will focus on becoming the WFM leader in the global customer service center market in the new three-year plan, and carry out technological innovation and service mode innovation in the fields of basic product functions and cloud mode. In order to continuously drive the global market, which is generally defined as 1 ≤ h0/d ≤ 3, and make full use of the resource advantages of teleopti China, Mr. ole during, CEO of the company, appointed Mr. Ye Cheng, general manager of teleopti China, on February 1st, 2016. From now on, he is also known to be the director of strategy and cooperation of Huawei, making full use of teleopti's global regional resources and resources in China to drive the cooperation and sales of WFM in the global telecommunications industry, Achieve sustained breakthroughs in emerging markets

at the same time, teleopti's Shenzhen R & D center will also participate more in global R & D, establish broader contacts with global leading platform manufacturers, gradually undertake the R & D of core functions, and more integrate the universal functional needs of customers in the Chinese market into the new generation of products

the picture shows Mr. Ye Cheng in teleopti Stockholm office in January 2016

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