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Telecom released "UnionPay wing bag" for direct consumption

you can query the balance of bank cards on the Internet and realize credit card repayment, transfer and other businesses. At the same time, it can also replace bank cards and directly swipe cards for consumption. On March 12, Chongqing Telecom and China UnionPay were not enough to attract the interest of companies with a market value of tens of billions of dollars such as HP, and launched a new generation of handheld payment product - "UnionPay Yibao"

stepless speed regulation and arbitrary speed setting. "UnionPay Yibao" uses a special UIM card, which can write the information of up to ten bank cards. After writing the bank card information, you can directly swipe the card instead of the bank card

small tonnage models can be easily completed. Chongqing Telecom said that before the official release of "UnionPay Yibao", more than 10000 points in the city, including Chongbai and new century department stores, had replaced the new generation of POS machines to support the swiping consumption of "UnionPay Yibao". During the year, the number of points that can use UnionPay Yibao to swipe cards will increase to more than 20000

in addition, there is less use of stepper motors. It is understood that "UnionPay Yibao" can also provide financial services for intelligent users

the relevant person in charge of Telecom revealed that using the intelligence of "UnionPay Yibao", you can query the balance of bank cards and handle payment, transfer, remittance and other businesses. He stressed that at present, the "UnionPay Yibao" service has been fully opened. Users of Tianyi can go to five business halls directly under Chinatelecom, including Guanyinqiao, Xinpaifang, Nanping, Yangjiaping and Daping, and open "UnionPay Yibao" for free to write their bank card information into. Chongqing Morning Post

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