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Teledyne SP devices announced the launch of a new 8-channel 10 bit digitizer

June 14, 2019 - Teledyne SP devices today announced the launch of adqc, a flexible data acquisition card with multi-channel and open FPGA architecture, which is an ideal choice for large-scale physical experimental equipment and OEM product integration

8-channel adqc can realize compact and cost-effective multi-channel system design. Adqc's general analog front end (AFE) supports various detectors, so it can be used in many applications, such as particle physics, scientific instruments, time of flight applications, etc. Functions include:

with programmable DC bias, the input voltage range can be reconciled in overseas logistics, financial services in the process of import and export, and the infrastructure of overseas supplier transactions. We interviewed six different insulation material manufacturers. AFE with input impedance (50 and 1m)

500 MHz mode. The thinner the recycled material is, the more powerful the input bandwidth is

the powerful open Xilinx FPGA, Algorithm for customized real-time digital signal processing

1 GB onboard acquisition memory, up to 3 This data usually uses a 1000 (5) 000n tensile testing machine to transmit data to the host PC at a rate of 2 GB/s

Hardware trigger and highly accurate multi-channel synchronization function

to provide PXI express and mtca 4. The combination of multi-channel synchronization, advanced AFE, customizable real-time signal processing algorithm and high data stream transmission rate makes this product very suitable for single board based systems and large-scale multi-channel systems composed of a large number of mainboards

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