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Teledyne e2v launched an extremely flexible high-resolution TOF sensor for the next generation of 3D vision system

the new hydra3d CMOS image sensor provides industry-leading 3D performance for robotics, logistics, automated guided vehicles and outdoor applications

Grenoble, France, Aug. 11, 2020 -- Teledyne e2v, a global imaging solution innovation company under Teledyne technologies [nyse:tdy], Announced the launch of a new hydra3d time of flight (TOF) CMOS image sensor tailored for 3D detection and distance measurement. It supports the latest industrial applications, including vision guided robotics, logistics and automated guided vehicles. The high resolution and flexible configuration of hydra3d, coupled with the design of on-chip HDR, make it the best choice for outdoor applications such as monitoring, its, architecture and unmanned aerial vehicles

the sensor is manufactured by tower semiconductor, the leader of high-value analog semiconductor casting solutions. It has a cutting-edge tum team, which created a 10 m three memory node pixel that was initially free to move, and integrated the exclusive CMOS technology of Teledyne e2v. Hydra3d 4. Breaking judgment: after the sample is broken, the moving beam will automatically stop moving; With a resolution of 832 x 600 pixels, it supports ultra fast transmission time (up to 20 nanoseconds), excellent demodulation contrast and extremely high sensitivity. It can operate in real time in indoor and outdoor environments at short, medium and long distances, while ensuring excellent time-domain accuracy

hydra3d is unique in combining excellent performance and highly flexible design to bring the following advantages to customers. In the Yulian Group production workshop, we witnessed the company's transformation and upgrading project Zhongfu high-precision aluminum, which provides a strong guarantee for the future rapid development of enterprises with independent innovation ability and intellectual property rights. The company's entire production process potential:

uses innovative three memory node pixels, Reliable 3D detection and real-time response can be made to fast-moving scenes, so there will be no motion blur and a depth map of more than 30 FPS can be provided

2D and 3D large field scene capture is realized, which makes the system cost-effective

it is highly adaptable to various scenes and lighting conditions. Combined with its original on-chip HDR function, the flexible configuration of the sensor enables it to balance distance range, object reflectivity, frame rate and other factors, and maintain robustness to ambient light

the unique on-chip design of the product can support the robust operation of multiple TOF systems, so that the asynchronous systems work at the same time without mutual interference

Ha LAN do Thu, 3D imaging marketing manager of Teledyne e2v, said: we are very pleased to announce that our latest TOF sensor will be available soon. It is the first multi memory node high-resolution sensor in the market. Our cooperation with tower brings customers the highest level of 3D performance experience and ensures excellent 2D and 3D image quality in any operating environment

hydra3d comes with an Evaluation Kit (hydra3d EK), which allows customers to evaluate sensors in a variety of application settings. The Evaluation Kit includes a 2/3-inch small optical format calibration module with a light source for near-infrared illumination and an optical lens. There are two versions, which are used to implement the time-of-flight principle at short range (up to 5 meters) or medium range (up to 10 meters) and 60 x 45 or 40 x 30 fields of view, while capturing real-time 3D information at full resolution. In addition, several proprietary modeling tools have been developed to support customers in evaluating the operation of hydra3d

Rafael Romay, vice president of professional imaging of Teledyne e2v, said: great technological innovation and cooperation with tower have jointly bred this innovative TOF image sensor, making this top-notch solution available

Dr. avi strum, senior vice president and general manager of tower sensor and display division, added: we are very excited about the launch of hydra3d. Our deep cooperation with Teledyne e2v has been more than 15 years, and many of their cutting-edge products are made by tower. Hydra3d TOF products perfectly match tower's strategic investment in the TOF market. We look forward to using our top CIS technology to cooperate with Teledyne e2v to manufacture more other products

product samples will be sold in August 2020, and evaluation kits will be sold in September 2020. Please visit the product page or contact us for more information

New Hydra 3D ToF CMOS sensor is tailored for 3D detection and distance measurement

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