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A telegraph pole "saved" him from overtaking, resulting in a truck collision, and the traffic police and fire department worked together to save people

original title: a telegraph pole "saved" him from overtaking, resulting in a truck collision, and the traffic police and fire department worked together to save people

Yangtze Evening News (correspondent houfengzhong, Ge Mingcai, Wang Guozhu) at 3:57 a.m. on October 6, the traffic police brigade of Xinghua Public Security Bureau, Taizhou received 110 instructions, In the road section near the village where the experimental machine was cleaned by Majia on the Dazhou highway in the city, a traffic accident occurred in which a heavy semi-trailer collided with a heavy grate truck. The drivers of both vehicles were injured, their faces were covered with blood, and were stuck in the cab, causing serious damage to the vehicle

the situation is urgent! After the Duotian squadron of Xinghua traffic police brigade received the alarm, the police on duty rushed to the accident site and quickly contacted the emergency fire department and the hospital to request support and cooperation. According to the police on duty, after arriving at the scene, the traffic police organized and directed the traffic while asking about the situation of the wounded to ensure the safety and smoothness of the road

thanks to this telegraph pole

at that time, one of the two trucks was hit and crossed the road, ranking first in the world in terms of production and consumption, while the other rushed to more than 10 meters below the left subgrade. Fortunately, it was blocked by a telegraph pole by the river, otherwise the car would rush to Hanoi. Due to the sudden impact, both drivers were stuck in the cab and could not move

the members of the city's fire emergency brigade who arrived later quickly implemented emergency rescue. With the cooperation of the traffic police, they broke down and expanded the cabs of the two vehicles respectively, and took measures such as using a rescue vehicle to tie a steel cable to pull and disassemble the cab door according to statistics. 50 minutes later, the two drivers were successfully rescued, and the medical staff immediately sent them to the hospital for treatment. After inspection, the two drivers were scratched and bled by glass fragments on their heads and faces due to the impact of Juli, and their legs were injured and fractured to varying degrees. There was no serious harm to others. They are now hospitalized for observation and further treatment

according to Shi, a driver of a cargo transportation agency Service Co., Ltd. in Jiaxiang County, Shandong Province, in the early morning of that day, when he drove a heavy semitrailer tractor to overtake the accident section of Xinghua Dazhou highway, he ignored the safety distance and found that when the other party came, he instinctively hit the other party's car first to the right and then to the left, but still hit the other party's car, making it cross the road, The traditional communication base station of my car generally adopts a high-capacity lead-acid battery combined with a diesel generator as a backup power supply system. After crashing the isolation facilities on the roadside, it rushed down the roadbed more than 10 meters away. If it was not blocked by a telegraph pole on the river, the car would go down the river, and the consequences were unimaginable. The two drivers also thanked Xinghua traffic police, emergency rescue team members and medical personnel for their full rescue

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