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In society, many rich people will build a villa for themselves to live in or take a holiday. However, the decoration of villa yard is often ignored. Let's take a look at the following articles

villa courtyard decoration Feng Shui

what are the taboos of villa courtyard Feng Shui

taboos 1 Put less waste filth in the courtyard (it's not safe at home). Forbid

avoid 2 There should be no rockery on the right side of the courtyard (no water, or a variety of flowers and plants), and there should be an appropriate amount of flowers and trees in the courtyard

taboo 3 There must be no electricity outside the gate of the courtyard (main injury to eyes and high blood pressure)

taboo 4 Don't face the ventilator outlet of others' kitchens directly outside the courtyard gate (brain injury and disease)

taboo 5 The courtyard ground should be free of moss and moisture (suitable for sunlight)

taboo 6 No high wires are allowed on the right side of the courtyard (the 45 degree angle above the door is reflected by a small mirror pasted with red paper)

taboo 7 On the right side of the courtyard, toilets and warehouses (called Tiger fist, children are disobedient) cannot be built

taboo 8 No garage can be built on the right side of the courtyard (for example, when Sansha is here, things are easy to happen at home)

taboo 9 There must be no house color shooting outside the courtyard gate (the main tongue is broke, high blood pressure, blood light)

taboo 10 There should be no flower racks in the white tiger side of the courtyard (white tigers move and there are many trivial things)

taboo 11 It is not allowed to flow out of the gate of the courtyard (the Lord loses money, which is not safe)

taboo 12 Don't plant tall trees (hurting women and children) in the courtyard with white tigers

taboo 13 Don't put any stone mill or mortar in the courtyard (which will affect your health, career and family fortune)

taboo 14 There should not be dead trees in the front door of the courtyard. If all the trees wither, there may be a problem with the local atmosphere here. Living here, people's luck will also run according to the prosperity and decline of their luck

decoration knowledge of luxury villas

there are three taboos in the feng shui of the villa garden gate

three scenes that are not visible when opening the door

1. If the gate is facing the downward stairs, it is “ Finance Bureau ” Is also made by “ Take water as wealth ” Because if there is water in front of the house, luck will flow away, so the simplest solution is to put a pot of large leaf soil plants at the door to avoid “ Water ” Loss of

2. If the gate is facing the corridor or passage, it is called its shape “ Like a sword piercing the heart ” So there is a bad theory. From the perspective of the environment, the rapid airflow, dust and noise generated by people passing through the corridor will pass through the door facing the aisle “ Straight ” Entering the house does have a certain impact on the home environment. The traditional solution is to add a threshold under the door or set a porch directly opposite the door in the house

3. If the door is facing the elevator, the gas field of the residence will be diverted and absorbed by the elevator when the elevator entrance is constantly opened and closed. Therefore, from the perspective of Geomatics, if the residence originally used as a gas gathering and gas nourishing place is directly opposite to the elevator, it will lead to repeated family movements &hellip& hellip;

sight suitable for and not suitable for entry

1. Three suggestions for entry: (1) open the door to green, that is, you can see green plants as soon as you open the door, which is full of interest and can adopt the effect of eyes. (2) Open the door and see the red, also known as happy at the beginning, that is, when you open the door, you will see the red walls or decorations, and you will feel happy when you enter the house. (3) open the door and see the painting, which can reflect the self-restraint of the owner and ease the rush after entering the door

2. Entry three should not be seen: (1) open the door to the toilet, and the air of filth pours on your face, which is not suitable from the perspective of environmentalism or hygiene. (2) There are “ Open the door to the stove, money is wasted ” In other words, regardless of money, when you get into the kitchen, the heat in the stove will come head-on, which is harmful to your health first. (3) Open the door to the mirror, because the mirror has the function of refraction, it will cause psychological and visual discomfort to the entrant due to the refraction of light

3. Three taboos of the gate: (1) the gate is facing the balcony or window. Quoting the previous point of view, it just can't reach “ Hide wind and gather gas &rdquo The effect can be alleviated by setting porches and hanging curtains. (2) If the door is pressed by the beam, it will be suppressed as soon as you enter the door. In terms of the concept of geomancy, the people in the host family can't look up and be a man. They depend on others all their lives. The most common solution is to hang “ Bat and mouse money ” (a mascot decoration with ancient coins in the mouth of bats) (3) if the gate is made into an arch, it looks like a tombstone, which will have a negative shadow on the psychology of the elderly

precautions for villa decoration taboos

villa decoration taboos on balcony

you should know that the balcony cannot be directly facing the door into the house. That practice is called the heart piercing taboo, which means that the wealth of the family will slip away, can't stay, and serious things will happen that break money. If you don't notice this problem when the villa is under construction, you have to find a way to change it. Some are the gate and some are the balcony. For example, use the porch cabinet to block the gate and balcony, or use a large fish tank to block it. If you can't raise fish in the water, you need to use other methods. In short, find a way to separate it

taboos on villa decoration in the living room

the sofa in the living room cannot be placed under the girder. If it is done, it will make people who sit on that sofa for a long time sick, because it has been pressed by the girder. Generally, the girder is covered with decoration technology and wrapped with plates to prevent it from being pressed down. Plants in the living room should also be selected, not those shade loving plants, because it likes to provoke unclean things. We should choose broad-leaved plants, not coniferous plants, because conifers mean tit for tat, and there will be quarrels

taboo problems in villa decoration in bedroom

bedroom is a place for family to rest. They spend a lot of time in the bedroom, so bedroom Feng Shui is very important. Don't install large mirrors in the bedroom, especially don't face the bed, because getting up at night will frighten yourself. The bed in the bedroom cannot be in the west, which is suspected of sunset. The ceiling lamp in the bedroom cannot be directly above the bed, which will be like the brilliance of heaven





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