Where can I save money in decoration

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The principles for determining whether the decoration should save money: importance, influence, possibility and simplicity of re replacement, and whether there are other alternative methods

principles for determining whether decoration should save money: importance, impact, possibility and simplicity of re replacement, and whether there are other alternative methods

I. toilet

1. Whether it's made of gold or porcelain, it's Baba, Not gold bars (even if it's constipation, there's no way to compare the hardness. Lao SA used gold-plated, so he was also hanged?

2. It's easier to replace it in the future. Now many people don't even need bolts. They can directly buckle the flange and glue it.

3. Generally, 5-800 on the market are good, more than 200 cheaper. As long as the glaze is good, many first-line brands are thousands, tens of thousands, and in fact, they finally sit under their hips.

4 It is worth paying attention to the water items. Otherwise, the water will flow slowly, and the water fee will not be affordable if the waste is not mentioned

it is recommended to buy a second tier brand with good enamel and a certain reputation

2. Washbasin and bathroom cabinet

1. In fact, it means washing your face, hands, and putting an object. The utilization rate is early and late

2. No matter how beautiful it is, few people will pay attention to it. At most, it's the first time to praise it

3. The market price is quite different. In fact, the functions are the same

it is recommended to buy second tier brands with good enamel, especially solid wood cabinets

III. shower room

1. Domestic toilets are not large, and it is unlikely to achieve complete dry and wet separation. You have to come out to dry after taking a bath. As soon as you come out and wear slippers, the ground begins to get wet

2. It is troublesome to scrub the glass of the shower room. In addition, the water quality in the north is hard, and the water stains are obvious. In addition, it is inconvenient to scrub the slide rails and corners

3. Generally, 9*9 right angles are too small, not to mention diamond ones. If there is a fat man at home, taking a bath will be very frustrating

4. In fact, simply erect a piece of tempered glass, which can block most of it. The price is only 1/4 to 1/5 of the shower room, and the shower curtain is also complete, but it always looks muddy and unclean

it is recommended to use a piece of steel stained glass for local shielding

4. Sink

1. It is used for washing dishes and vegetables. It can't run away from bumps and greasy, and no one will use it to wash the flat peaches of the queen mother

2. The price difference is large. No matter how you blow it, it is actually stainless steel. After a few years of use, the results are similar

3. Pay attention to the launching organization, which needs to be bought

suggestion: as long as it is not welded on the table, use ordinary ones. Pay attention to the thickness

v. lamps and lanterns

1. Lamps and lanterns are profiteering. Crystal lamps are too expensive and not suitable for household use. Crystal lamps look good with large chandeliers of oneortwo meters, which cost tens of thousands. Are they tall enough at home

2. Ceiling lamps at home are the most practical, supplemented by some wall lamps, spotlights, and art lamps. A lamp 200 is already quite luxurious

3. Of course, safety comes first. Don't buy one without safety certification

ceiling lamps and chandeliers are recommended

VI. background music

1. Good things, but wiring is expensive, speakers are expensive, and buying this thing is slaughtered

2. It can be completed with an MP3 and a socket speaker, as long as it costs a fraction of the background music

3. The moisture-proof loudspeaker in the bathroom is expensive and the effect will not be very good. If there is money for background music, it is better to put a small LCD TV if there is a bathtub





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