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Sliding door refers to the door whose leaf is connected with the pulley and can be moved on the fixed track, also known as sliding door. It is different from the side hung door connecting the door leaves with hinges

sliding door refers to the door whose leaf is connected to the pulley and can be moved on the fixed track, also known as sliding door. It is different from the side hung door connecting the door leaves with hinges. The sliding door has the characteristics of easy installation, reusable, industrialized production, small workshop production, fire prevention, environmental protection and so on. Next, let's take a look at the uses of sliding doors and the materials of sliding doors

sliding doors are classified into several materials. First, according to the installation position, they are generally divided into partition doors and closet doors. Partition doors include: Kitchen partition, living room partition, balcony partition and bathroom partition. The closet door includes: integral wardrobe and walk-in wardrobe

Second, by style

there are many kinds of partition doors, including white glass, embossing, carvings, silk screen printing, jade sand, rattan weaving, silk, etc; The closet door includes: paint, shutter, plate, porcelain, leather, soft bag, etc

III. divide by main raw materials

the main raw materials include door frames, door leaves and tracks, which can also be classified. Commonly used are the following categories:

1, solid wood sliding door

2, log sliding door

3, glass sliding door

4, stainless steel sliding door

5, steel wood sliding door

6, aluminum alloy sliding door

7, new composite sliding door, such as wood plastic wave plate sliding door

IV. divided by sliding track

divided by position into upward sliding (also known as lifting rail or lifting sliding), downward sliding or ground rail; Divided into single track sliding door and double track sliding door according to the number of tracks

sliding door is mainly used for

1, separating space; 2. Block the line of sight; 3. Proper sound insulation; 4. Enhance privacy; 5. Increase spatial elasticity; 6. Replacing the swing door

because the sliding door partition can play the role of artistic beautification, and has the characteristics of flexible opening and folding and easy relocation, it has always been valued by people and is regarded as an important appliance for decorating the room. This is of more practical significance for people who are not well-off in housing today. The balcony, kitchen and study are conducive to the changes in the layout of a room and the convenience of living. Or used as a corner to effectively expand the space aesthetically. In the shape of sliding doors and various titanium magnesium alloy styles, it can also reflect the owner's artistic hobbies, so as to strengthen the indoor artistic atmosphere

sliding doors are generally made of titanium magnesium alloy (many of which are made of silicon magnesium aluminum alloy), and their matching glass forms include transparent, translucent, closed and hollow. It is generally better to use closed type for spacing, and the height is slightly higher than the horizontal line of sight of people. Those used to enclose corners can be hollowed out, which looks lively and lively. If it is used to block the sight of passers-by, it is best to make the screen into a 90 degree right angle form. If it is only used as decoration, the effect of transparency or translucency is better. In different seasons, you can also choose different textures and colors, which can make the room look fresh and cool. The more fashionable is Isabella Versailles series, which can be made in different styles according to requirements. There are many kinds of sliding doors in China. Leather art, wood plastic, glass wardrobe door, these are more decorative. The furnishings should be coordinated with the overall home environment





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