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After 20 years of rapid development, Cartier doors and windows have transformed from plain to brilliant, and become an eye-catching brand in the industry. Because of its unparalleled excellent quality and good reputation, it has attracted some bad businesses to follow suit. In order to safeguard the rights and interests of the market and consumers, Cartier doors and windows has been fighting against counterfeits and safeguarding their rights, and has made anti-counterfeiting tips

first, the front door of the exclusive store

Cartier doors and windows continue to improve the image design of the exclusive store, highlighting the design concept of Cartier's meticulous craftsmanship from the outside to the inside. Consumers should recognize the design of the door head before buying doors and windows to avoid being cheated

II. Cartier logo

Cartier doors and windows The relevant products and exclusive stores of all have new logo signs that highlight the king's style. K& is no longer used; D's trademark, if there is k& The products sold by the franchised store at d gate are not necessarily the original authentic products of Cartier doors and windows. Please beware of being cheated. If you are not clear, please contact us

III. recognize the letter of authorization

in view of the recent discovery that counterfeit products marked with the trademark "Cartier doors and windows" are privately imitated, produced and sold without official authorization, all those without authorization, authorization and official seal of Cartier doors and windows are counterfeit

Cartier doors and windows will fight counterfeiting to the end with an iron heart, so as to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers and the brand image of Cartier. Therefore, consumers should be vigilant, recognize the trademark of Cartier doors and windows, see the true face of illegal businesses, and refuse fakes. Please remember that Cartier anti-counterfeiting hotline: 400-099-3239




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