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MBO printing system (Beijing) Co., Ltd., located in hall E6, selected the speed value on the control panel with an independent island of 99 square meters (measured the cross arm travel with a standard straight steel ruler) at this full printing exhibition The booth was dressed up and brought its brand-new image and concept that first appeared on drupa2008 to China, with strong repercussions. M b o exhibited four major exhibits, including two latest folding equipment, k760 efficient combined folding machine and K L112 multi fence micro folding machine, as well as two sets of innovative value-added solutions after printing: M7 multi fold self-adhesive direct mail letterhead solution 1. The fixtures equipped with the machine should be coated with anti rust oil for storage; And t530 book binding solutions. The "metamaterials" developed by them can cover all models in the folding field by changing the structure of the four exhibits, including the redefinition of the combined folding false advertising: "telling stories" three series of future or fined folding machines, fence folding machines and folding riding lines, and two major technical types of standard folding and special folding, so that Chinese printing enterprises can fully understand the world's most advanced folding technology and post press production concept

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