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Progroup in Germany will build a new large-scale cardboard factory

progroup announced that it will build a new large-scale corrugated base paper factory with waste paper as raw material in Germany or Poland. The project is expected to start in the spring of 2009. The plant will install a paper machine with an annual output of 650000 tons, which will be the world's largest cardboard making machine

the paper machine is 10m wide and produces corrugated base paper with a ration of 105g/m2. Progroup plans to order equipment in mid-2007. Construction is expected to start in September or October next year. Including energy supply, the total investment budget is about 500million euros (600million dollars)

the exact site of the new plant to the right still needs to be finalized. One may be built near the paper mill in Burg, Germany, and the other may be built in the center of Poland. "

at present, progroup's propapier plant in Burg, Germany, which is planned to be constructed for a period of 14 months, operates a base paper machine (1 paper machine) with an annual output of 300000 tons of vermicelli board and corrugated with overcurrent, overvoltage, overload and other protection devices. After the new paper machine (2 paper machine) is put into operation, the product of progroup factory will mainly be the vermicelli paperboard with a ration of g/m2

propapierfabrik palm's paper machine (6 paper machine) is currently the world's largest cardboard paper machine. The annual production capacity of the paper machine is 600000 tons. The propapierfabrik palm plant, located in worth, Germany, was put into operation in October2002. The paper machine produced by Metso is 11m wide and the design speed is 1800m/min. The paper machine can produce Kraft vermicelli and corrugated base paper with a ration of g/m2, and consumes about 2500t of waste paper raw materials every day

information source: papermaking information

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