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The packaging machinery industry in Germany has grown steadily in the past five years. From 1998 to 2002, its total production and sales increased from 3.2 billion euros to 4billion euros. Exports have also continued to grow. In 2002, the export volume of products accounted for 80% of the total sales volume, reaching 3.2 billion euros (an increase of 10% over 2001). Half of the export products have been exported to countries outside Europe. The sales volume grew at an extraordinary rate, increasing by 18% in EU countries and 19% in North America. The sales situation in Russia has been good, which further determines the stable position of Germany's packaging machinery industry with high competitive advantage. In 2002, the global export volume of German packaging machinery reached 33%. Among the 20 largest packaging machinery export markets, Germany is the most important supplier in 13 of them, and the second largest supplier in the other five markets

In recent years, the high demand for German packaging machinery in the world is mainly caused by the following different factors, one of which is the extremely favorable currency exchange rate and good economic situation for exports. In addition, the packaging machinery industry has implemented product appreciation. Enterprises continue to add some "intelligent" elements to packaging machinery, thus playing a very important role in packaging machinery. The advantages of the new generation of machinery are as follows:

● considering the appropriate cost, the modular design concept can provide solutions for specific machinery design

● the introduction of modular secondary assembly has improved and innovated all aspects of packaging machinery. Although the product life cycle is shortened, it has laid a solid foundation for production investment

● the use of decentralized servo drivers shortens the conversion time and improves the mechanical flexibility

● remote diagnosis and maintenance equipment (services) reduce service costs

● in the process of product packaging, the requirements for packaging raw materials are reduced, so cheaper packaging materials can be used

this means that modern packaging machinery and equipment have the potential to cut costs and can more easily adapt to the flexible changes of the market. Finally, the return period of investment will be shortened

pay attention to the Chinese market

the substantial development of Chinese industry has provided development space for the development of packaging machinery market. According to the survey of China food and packaging machinery association, if the roof is manufactured by surface RTM process, the turnover of China's packaging machinery in 2002 was 19.5 billion yuan (about 2486 million euros). Foreign packaging machinery has a strong attraction to end users eager to absorb foreign advanced technology. From 1999 to 2001, the consumption of China's imported packaging machinery increased by about 40%, from 348million euros to 481million euros. In the most important import market, China continues to maintain the fourth position

for German packaging machinery companies, China is one of the most important exporters. In 2002, the turnover of mechanical equipment delivered by German companies and China has reached 150million euros, which makes China the fifth country in the German export market

packaging machinery in Germany

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