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The conference of German reinforced plastics alliance adds new inspiration to the composite industry

every year, the conference of German reinforced plastics Alliance (AVK) will be the focus of the composite industry after artificial failure treatment in Chengdu. People in the industry, scholars and experts are looking forward to it. One important reason is that the annual AVK can provide new inspiration and new ideas for people in the field of reinforced plastics

this year, the AVK international reinforced plastics alliance conference was held at the International Convention Center in Stuttgart, Germany, on September. The conference attracted more than 300 delegates from all over the world

the theme of this year's conference is the feasibility and development trend of glass fiber reinforced plastics and carbon fiber reinforced plastics. Although this scheme has received extensive attention in the industry, and the future feasibility development plan of the project has been seen at many international conferences. But overall, the market sentiment can not be described as optimistic. Joachim Wilczek, an expert representative in the FRP industry, said that at present, many discussions still remain at the theoretical level

on the first day of this meeting, there was a rather surprising paper submission scheme presented to you. The report proposes to use social network media to improve business. Although many enterprises may benefit from the latest network marketing communication international, the report is still highly praised. Perhaps it is mainly to try to help member enterprises find ways to get rid of the haze of the economic crisis

at the meeting, Dr. Elmar Witten, managing director of AVK, said: "although there are certain fluctuations and uncertainties in the market, the overall European FRP market in 2011 showed a moderate growth trend."

in recent years, the development of FRP is upward, but it is difficult to quantify as a whole. Dr. Elmar Witten attributed the reason to "some well-known market analysis institutions have major differences on this issue, resulting in manufacturers' uncertain attitude towards the output in 2011. Of course, the international economic situation is also an important fuse. For example, the level of national debt, the development of commodity market, etc."

dr. Elmar Witten said: "with the acceleration of globalization, the youth of" networking suppliers "have great opportunities and the buyer's market has become increasingly complex, which greatly increases the difficulty of understanding the development trend of the European market and realizing material savings of up to 20%. Statistics show that the overall FRP production today is 1 It is better to purchase more than 500J experimental machines, and the quantity has almost returned to the level of 2008. Significantly lower than the same period in 2010. "

at the beginning of the year, most experts were very optimistic about the development of the market this year. Some forecasters predict that there will be more than 25% growth this year. However, the actual situation is not so optimistic

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