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The German millensson company officially established millensson industrial belt (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

the German millensson company was founded in 1880. Elastomers in the automotive field can be divided into two categories: one is the use of tires and the other is the use of non tires. It has more than 50 agencies in the world. It has passed the din ISO9001 certification specified in the German industrial standard and specializes in the production of woven conveyor belts (but cotton woven belts) for high base heavy corrugated machines. It is a famous supplier of corrugated cardboard conveyor belts in the corrugated box industry. The export proportion of these products produced by the company is about 80%. It is equipped with about 1500 corrugated cardboard production lines in the world, mainly in steel production lines

since 20 years ago, mirenson has brought high-quality products to the Chinese market through agents. In order to serve the Chinese market in a timely manner, mirenson of Germany cooperated with Guangzhou and Ruan packaging equipment Co., Ltd. to establish a cutting service point for corrugated board conveyor belt in South China in 2005. Due to the vigorous development of China's corrugated box industry, the company's business in China continues to expand, In 2009, mirenson established the Shanghai Representative Office of Germany mirenson Co., Ltd. As the high-speed corrugated board production line has been more and more widely used in China's carton industry in recent years, the demand for its important accessories, high-speed corrugated board conveyor belt, especially cotton woven belt, is also growing. In december2012, German mirenson officially established mirenson industrial belt (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. in Shanghai

the first market promotion activity of mirenson industrial belt (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. after its establishment is to participate in 2013 China International Corrugated exhibition. As the largest corrugated box industry event in the world, China International Corrugated exhibition will be held at the new Shanghai International Expo from April 8 to 11, 2013 to obtain the processing methods of blanks or parts based on their shape, size and mechanical properties, The exhibition focuses on many well-known brands in the field of corrugated box manufacturing in the world. As a leader in the field of corrugated cardboard conveyor belt, mirenson will also make every effort to prepare for the exhibition, hoping to bring the excellent corrugated cardboard conveyor belt to more colleagues in the industry. At that time, please come to millensson's booth: Hall N5 D15

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