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Baling Petrochemical waterborne epoxy resin products have been strongly recommended by experts. Recently, in this case, the "development of waterborne epoxy resin and its application in the modification of high-strength concrete similar to epoxy resin" project of Baling Petrochemical epoxy resin business department has passed the provincial technical appraisal. Experts identified that the overall technology of the project is at the leading level in China, and it is suggested to further strengthen the promotion and application of green and environment-friendly product waterborne epoxy resin

starting from the molecular structure of the resin, the scientific researchers of Baling Petrochemical Company synthesized the block self emulsifying waterborne epoxy resin with epoxy resin and bisphenol A as raw materials by studying the effects of various factors on the product performance. 5. Non operators are not allowed to operate the drop tester arbitrarily and the stability. The block self emulsifying waterborne epoxy resin was verified and further optimized on the pilot plant. The pilot test results and industrial tests show that the product formula is novel and the process route is reasonable and feasible

the Division also determined the optimized formula of resin modified cement mortar and semi-rigid surface composite material through the raw material type, proportion and performance test of resin modified cement mortar, successfully developed a new technology of "irrigation epoxy mortar asphalt concrete pavement construction", and applied the "semi-rigid surface composite material" to pave the pavement for the first time. After one year of practical driving application, the pavement has achieved good results. The lotion prepared by the epoxy resin Business Department of Baling Petrochemical has been tested by Hunan basic organic raw material product quality supervision and inspection authorization station. It meets the requirements of enterprise standards, and its stability is significantly better than that of domestic similar products. The application of many users shows that the product quality is stable, the use performance is excellent, and the economic and social benefits are significant. There is no new pollution in the production process of the product, which meets the requirements of environmental protection

because epoxy resin is an oily polymer with high viscosity and insoluble in water, it can not be mixed with hydrophilic materials, or it needs to add organic solvents to be used, so it is limited in many application fields. Since China began to implement the national standard of water-based coatings in July 2004, the development of green and environmental friendly coatings has been paid more and more attention. At present, the water-borne epoxy resin used in China is mainly the products of European, American or Taiwan enterprises, and there is a large gap between the quality of domestic products and imported products. At the same time, as a new semi-rigid surface composite material with "hardness and softness", waterborne epoxy resin has the characteristics of giving full play to flexible pavement and rigid pavement materials. With the development of highways in China, the research on the application of waterborne epoxy resin in pavement modification has also become one of the main points of the industry to open up new application fields of epoxy resin

as the largest epoxy resin production base in China, the epoxy resin Business Department of Baling Petrochemical began to develop waterborne epoxy resin in 2004. In 2005, a new waterborne epoxy resin meeting the requirements of users was developed in a pilot plant and verified on a 50 ton/year pilot plant. Since last year, the Ministry has focused on the huge market of waterborne epoxy resin in concrete modification, made technological breakthroughs, successfully applied its products to concrete modified pavement, and built an industrial test device for waterborne epoxy resin. The trial application of the new waterborne epoxy resin by many domestic users shows that the resin has a good application prospect in the coating industry, concrete modification and heavy corrosion prevention industry, cement industry as a basic industry with a long history in China. The application of Zhaoqing west section project of national highway g321 and Kaifeng high-speed service area project in Henan Province shows that water-based epoxy resin modified concrete pavement materials can effectively reduce the early damage of high-grade highway pavement, prolong the service life of pavement, and have a broad market application prospect. So far, the epoxy resin Business Department of Baling Petrochemical has sold more than 600 tons of waterborne epoxy resin, with remarkable economic benefits

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