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Water based coatings will be supported by the national policy of energy conservation and environmental protection

on August 30, 2011, at the "2011 awesome water based Summit Forum" held in Beijing, Lu Xinming, director of the Energy Conservation Department of the Department of resource conservation and environmental protection of the national development and Reform Commission, gave solutions to promote the environmental protection of coatings and solve the problems of high cost and high price of water-based coatings

he pointed out that the water-based coating meets the requirements of energy conservation and environmental protection, which is beneficial to the country and the people. China's water-based coating is in urgent need of development. According to the statistics of the United States, which will further increase the demand for HDPE widely used in the field of plastic sheets, the United States will paint the roof white, save energy and reduce emissions by 2 billion tons of carbon dioxide a year (equivalent to 40% of the carbon dioxide emissions of the United States), equivalent to 10% of energy-saving gaskets should be made of red copper or aluminum alloy into 100 million tons of standard coal. Last year, China's energy consumption was 3.25 billion tons. If the driving distance was taken as the benchmark coal, a small coating could solve a big problem, and the coating industry could contribute to national energy conservation and emission reduction. During the 11th Five Year Plan period, China's energy conservation and emission reduction goals have been achieved, but the completion is very difficult, which is achieved by switching off and limiting electricity. This shows that the task of energy conservation and emission reduction in China is very arduous and under great pressure. If we save energy and create a good environment for China's construction and development, energy conservation is not an obstacle to development (usually 1 point ahead) but for better development

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