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Water based ecological synthetic leather appeared in the international environmental protection exhibition

ciepec2009 11th China International Environmental Protection Exhibition and conference

on June 4, 2009, the 11th China International Environmental Protection Exhibition and conference with the theme of "energy conservation, emission reduction and harmonious development" was grandly held in Beijing. Nearly 600 environmental protection enterprises from home and abroad gathered to participate in this grand event. The scope of this exhibition includes air, water, solid waste, noise pollution prevention technology and equipment, monitoring instruments, ecological protection technology, clean and elegant, convenient and fast production technology, clean energy and energy-saving technology and products, environment-friendly products, environmental services, etc

the water-based ecological synthetic leather produced by unique group participated in this exhibition on behalf of China's synthetic leather industry, which is the first time that China's water-based ecological synthetic leather has appeared in the international environmental protection exhibition. Mr. Lu Zibiao, President of Unocal group and director of China water-based resin and water-based ecological synthetic leather research and development center; Mr. wuyiliang, general manager and deputy director of the R & D center of Zhongke Ruideng technology development (Beijing) Co., Ltd; Mr. xiezhenming, general manager of Lishui Younike Waterborne Resin Technology Co., Ltd. and executive deputy director of R & D center, attended the exhibition. Mr. Xie Zhenming, general manager of Unocal, delivered a speech on "the current situation and future of China's synthetic leather" at the second China Green Procurement Summit Forum, which caused strong repercussions

Mr. fengshujun, Deputy Secretary General of China Plastics Processing Industry Association, Mr. Tian Jingyan, Deputy Secretary General of wood plastic materials Committee of artificial leather and synthetic leather professional committee, and director Liu Shu of China Plastics Processing Industry Association attended the 11th China International Environmental Protection Exhibition and conference with the concept of "environmental protection and energy conservation". They fully affirmed the energy-saving and environmental protection effect of water-based ecological synthetic leather

as for water-based ecological synthetic leather, it is currently defined as four aspects: first, the raw materials used in leather making are non-toxic and harmless; Second, the leather processing process is cleaner production; Third, the processing process is clean and environment-friendly; Fourth, leather products are biodegradable

at present, due to the use of oily resins in the tanning process, it is impossible to completely realize the non-toxic and harmless raw materials and clean production in the tanning process. Only through control means can we reduce the toxicity index and control the discharge standard of toxic substances. Therefore, the current implementation standards of ecological leather and ecological leather products are not really ecological standards and green products

compared with oily ecological synthetic leather, aqueous ecological synthetic leather is different. The water-based resin used in synthetic leather is a non-toxic environmental protection product because water replaces solvent. Therefore, there is no toxic gas emission in the production process, which can realize cleaner production, achieve the final effect of energy conservation, emission reduction and pollution control, and realize the non-toxic at the source and the ecology of leather products. At the same time, synthetic leather processed with water-based resin has the same air permeability and moisture permeability as leather, and better hygienic performance, because the membrane contains a large number of hydrophilic groups and microporous structure. Water based ecological synthetic leather is an upgraded product of traditional oily ecological synthetic leather, and it is also a real green and environmental protection product

the water-based eco-friendly experimental machine adopts a neuron based adaptive control system to make its debut in the international environmental protection exhibition, which is of milestone significance in the development history of China's synthetic leather industry. It has spread the idea of green and environmental protection in China's synthetic leather industry; It marks the development trend and inevitability of China's synthetic leather industry; It also brings new hope to the industrial upgrading of China's synthetic leather industry

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