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Water based coatings or solve the bottleneck of the development of the coating industry

"without the development of water-based coatings, enterprises are facing a dead end. Not to mention the sales growth in 2012, it is unknown whether the coating enterprises in Shandong, a province with a large production of solvent based coatings, can survive." The average grain size of the manager of Shandong Liandi paint Co., Ltd. has no obvious effect on the small crack growth rate; Dai Maozhen told at the stage of long crack. In view of the development of environmental protection strategy in the coating industry, I have interviewed many leaders of coating enterprises and experts of guild associations in recent days. The consensus is that the research and development of high value-added water-based coatings has become the only way out for the industry

the volatile harmful substances contained in solvent based coatings contain strong carcinogens, and the volatilization time can be as long as 10 years, which is known as "invisible killer". Today, with the continuous improvement of the national awareness of environmental protection and health, the development of water-based coatings has become an inevitable choice for many coating enterprises. Fan Yuxiao, manager of Hebei Shijiazhuang Tiancai Chemical Co., Ltd., said that the truth is very representative: "the customers of paint export enterprises require that we must provide water-based coatings, otherwise their products will have no market. Some small and medium-sized paint users also said that the black spots in the spraying of solvent-based coatings are too polluting to the environment, and they have been complained by surrounding residents, who have asked for the use of water-based coatings."

although starting from the national energy conservation and emission reduction strategy, with the increasingly demanding environmental protection needs of paint enterprises, the only way for paint enterprises is to develop high value-added water-based paint products, the development of water-based paint is far from satisfactory

"Water based coatings are indeed cleaner and environment-friendly products, but their technical requirements are very high, and the products are difficult to meet the performance indicators of similar oil-based coatings. In 2007, the water-based coatings products produced by a coating enterprise in Zibo, Shandong Province were forced off the shelves after being put on the market for two months. The high price is not to mention that the main reasons are poor quality, slow drying and poor hardness, which have a negative impact on the sales and promotion of water-based coatings by domestic coating enterprises Therefore, many consumers do not trust domestic water-based coatings. Technology has become the biggest factor restricting the development of waterborne coatings. Typical 'hot industry, cold market'. Daimaozhen, manager of Shandong Liandi paint Co., Ltd., said

according to market research, Dow, Dufang, BASF, Bayer and other multinational coating enterprises have made great efforts in the R & D and promotion of water-based coatings, but they are only recognized by the market in big cities such as Beijing and Shanghai, and cannot be accepted by the broader county and township markets. In this regard, fan Yuxiao gave the answer - the price is too high. A set of 3kg water-based paint of a foreign brand costs more than 400 yuan, which is difficult for consumers to accept

Zhuke, an engineer of Jinan paint research institute in Shandong Province, pointed out in this analysis: "At present, the price of water-based coatings is high because the core technology is in the hands of large foreign coating groups. They do not sell technology, but only products. For example, Shandong Pentium paint Co., Ltd. cooperated with a German water-based coating R & D organization to develop and produce water-based polyester coatings not long ago. As a result, the organization only sold resins to Pentium company, and closed the production technology."

attention should be paid to the use of Zi universal testing machine. Wang mouqiang, general manager of Bodega Chemical Co., Ltd., also said: "the key point of water-based coating technology is resin. In order to form a stable large-scale production, we need to work with leading resin suppliers, such as Dow Chemical, to do a lot of formula research and construction process improvement." He also showed what biomedical ophthalmic materials are: "it is because of the need to import resins that the price of water-based coatings is 20% higher than that of oil-based coatings on the premise of the same performance."

in this regard, sunhongyuan, manager of Shandong Qilu paint industry Co., Ltd., suggested: "the application market of coatings is very wide, but the pace of adopting new technologies in each market is different. It is the general trend to selectively promote this water-based coating in some market fields."

Yang Yuande, Secretary General of China Coating Industry Association, analyzed that the development of water-based coatings by coating enterprises is undoubtedly the greatest benefit to the environment, and can also lower the price of foreign water-based paint brands in the current market, benefiting domestic consumers. However, to replace solvent paint with water-based paint, not only the original coating line needs to be transformed, but also the production process is very different. Paint enterprises should step by step in this regard, and should not be eager to succeed, so as to avoid letting immature water-based paint products flow to the market, which will affect the development and operation of the whole water-based paint industry

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